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There are various organisations and parks which offer the opportunity to observe bears in their natural environment. One of the biggest ones, Wild Taïga, is a few miles from Khumo, on the Russian border. A unique experience, the bears are observed at night from special cabins which don't let out any sounds or odours. Before launching out on this adventure, a visit to Bétola, the information centre on these predators, is essential. Count on between £110 and £150 to spend the night in a wooden cabin which can accommodate 2 to 6 people. After dinner, visitors go on foot to the observation hut and begin their night of silent watch waiting for the bears, for whom bait has been set out, to come and eat. Beds are available for guests if they want to sleep for a few hours, but we recommend sleeping as soon as you arrive, around 6:00pm and waking up around 11:00pm, the time when the bears are most likely to show their snouts! However, even if you sleep a little longer, the guide will wake you when a bear is in sight, sometimes just a few metres away. It is a truly impressive and moving sight!

  • Bear-watching , The Brown Bear , Finland
    The Brown Bear

    The brown bear is one of the species that figures among the fauna of Finland.

    © Staffan Widstrand / Visit Finland
  • Bear-watching , Special tours , Finland
    Special tours

    In some regions of Finland, special 'bear-watching' tours are organised.

    © Danny Laredo / Visit Finland
  • Bear-watching , Amazing encounters , Finland
    Amazing encounters

    During bear-watching stays, it isn't rare to see bears in their natural environment. It is always an extraordinary experience.

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  • Bear-watching , Hunting season is open , Finland
    Hunting season is open

    Bear hunting is authorised in Finland between the end of August and the end of October. It is governed by very strict rules.

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  • Bear-watching , Photographing bears , Finland
    Photographing bears

    To the advantage of photography enthusiasts, bears are very discrete predators.

    © Jari Peltomäki / Visit Finland
  • Bear-watching , A polar bear in its natural habitat , Finland
    A polar bear in its natural habitat

    In Ranua, Lapland, you will have the opportunity to see polar bears in the region's own zoo.

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