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The reindeer is the most common animal in Finnish Lapland. There are literally thousands of them. They can be seen in nature, in the middle of the forests or on the edge of the roads, but some Laplanders use them to earn a living. For Laplanders, breeding reindeer is an ancestral activity. When alive, reindeer can be used to pull sleighs on hunting safaris. When their antlers fall off, they are used to create pieces of art. Once dead, the reindeer is used as meat. Their hide is also used to make decorations and warm clothes. It is possible to meet breeders on reindeer farms that are often isolated in nature. A unique experience!

  • Fermes de rennes , Finland
    An original method of transportation

    The reindeer is a method of transportation for the Sami people. Reindeer sleighs make it easier to penetrate the nature than snowmobiles.

    © Lucas Lahargoue
  • Fermes de rennes , Finland
    A reared animal

    Like cows and sheep for us, reindeer are widely bred in Lapland.

    © Lucas Lahargoue
  • Fermes de rennes , Finland
    200,000 in Finland.

    Even if the population is decreasing, there are still nearly 200,000 reindeer in Finland.

    © Lucas Lahargoue
  • Fermes de rennes , Finland
    Hard work

    Breeding reindeer is a hard job. Breeders live in the cold but often find shelter in the middle of the forests.

    © Lucas Lahargoue
  • Fermes de rennes , Finland
    A sense of hospitality

    When you visit a reindeer farm, you will be pleasantly surprised by the welcome extended to visitors.

    © Lucas Lahargoue
  • Fermes de rennes , Finland
    Wide expanses

    The reindeer farms are in the middle of huge expanses of forests and snow-covered plains where the animals live in relative freedom.

    © Lucas Lahargoue
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