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The forests change colour and go from green to orange, then reddish, according to the season. Composed essentially of broad-leaved trees, they become more and more dense towards the north with pines and fir-trees. In the extreme north of the country, the vegetation transforms itself into tundra, a desert with no trees.

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    Snow-covered conifers

    In winter, the snow-covered Finnish forests offer remarkable landscapes. They can be admired on long walks.

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    A Finnish forest

    Finland is a very green country, with 75% of its surface area is covered by forests. With approximately thirty different species of trees, it is the European country with the most woodland areas.

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    A bear in the middle of a Finnish forest

    Some of the Finnish forests are particularly abundant with bears. There are many opportunities to discover the largest carnivore in Europe, which is really quite timid.

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    View over a forest of conifers in Finland

    Finland is rich with conifer forests. They account for 92% of the country's forested surface area.

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    A snow-covered house in Finland

    The winters in Finland are very cold and the country enjoys snow throughout the season, particularly in the north.

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    A Finnish lake in the heart of a forest

    Finland is known as the land of a thousand lakes because of its many impressive lakes. 25% of the country's surface area is covered by lakes.

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