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In Lapland, huge expanses of water, forests and plains look like they have never been discovered by humans. The quietness of the lakes and mountains contrasts with the power of the rapids. Beyond the polar circle, the midnight sun gives a magical colour to the scenery and makes you lose track of time. In winter, the whiteness of its snowy areas is impressive.

  • Lapland , Summer in Lapland , Finland
    Summer in Lapland

    Lapland is a region where nature reigns the entire summer.

    © Alina Shilzhyavichyute / 123RF
  • Lapland , The polar night , Finland
    The polar night

    Between November and March, Lapland lives to the rhythm of the polar night. The sun lights up the landscape for just 4 hours.

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  • Lapland , A white blanket , Finland
    A white blanket

    Lapland is covered in snow from October until the arrival of spring in April.

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  • Lapland , Aurora Borealis , Finland
    Aurora Borealis

    Lapland is the best spot in the world to watch the Northern Lights, one of the most beautiful sights there is to see.

    © Andrew Mayovskyy / 123RF
  • Lapland , A thick blanket of snow , Finland
    A thick blanket of snow

    The thick blanket of snow that covers Lapland during winter gives this region an enchanting appearance.

    © Leijonakuva / age fotostock
  • Lapland , The harshness of the climate , Finland
    The harshness of the climate

    The Taiga is put to a harsh test during winter. Temperatures can drop to -40°.

    © Oksana Byelikova / 123RF
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