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Modern furniture has been greatly inspired by Finnish design. In the 50s, designers were inspired by the decorative arts from the beginning of the century to create furniture from authentic materials (stone, wood, steel) with a functional design, sober and close to nature.

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    Remarkable Finnish furniture

    Finnish furniture is exemplary and, like Finnish architecture, a lot of it is made from wood.

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    Misleading architecture

    Even though the wooden houses look fragile, they really aren't. Inside they are often spacious, airy and give off the feeling that a lot of thought has been put into their layout.

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    A traditional terrace of a Finnish house

    The Finnish style is one that always tries to be in harmony with nature.

    Alexander Maximov / age fotostock
  • Modern furniture , Finland
    Nature and Finland

    There is a very strong connection between nature and this country, which can be felt right up to how the homes are built, always in harmony with their environment.

    Alexander Maximov / age fotostock
  • Modern furniture , Finland
    Natural materials

    Stylists generally use authentic materials to create their objects, such as stone, wood and metal.

    Adrian Hillman / 123RF
  • Modern furniture , Finland
    Aalvar Alto

    We owe plywood furniture to Aalvar Alto, a famous Finnish architect and designer who revolutionised the way of thinking of many stylists.

    Sandra Kemppainen / 123RF
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