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Lapland is the land of the Sami people. They are the largest group of indigenous people in Europe. There are less than 140,000 of them remaining, including 6,400 in Finland. In the heights of the resort of Levi, Samiland is a museum that retraces the history and ways of life of this very particular people. It presents a display of images and video archives. Mannequins are dressed in traditional costumes. Outside, along a hilly trail you can discover the different types of housing the Sami live in and you can even meet the reindeer that live here. It is an interesting circuit to be discovered on your own, with a group or as a family!

  • Samiland , Finland
    An unobstructed view

    From Samiland you have an exceptional view of the resort of Levi and the taiga that characterises the Lapland landscape so well.

    © Lucas Lahargoue
  • Samiland , Finland
    A Sami shelter

    The Sami build shelters in the forests to be able to protect themselves in case of snowstorms.

    © Lucas Lahargoue
  • Samiland , Finland
    Traditional dress

    The Sami wore this type of colourful dress for a long time.

    © Lucas Lahargoue
  • Samiland , Finland
    Colours for the ceremonies

    The Sami dress is only worn today in ceremonies like baptisms and weddings.

    © Lucas Lahargoue
  • Samiland , Finland
    Adapted clothing

    Living in the cold for more than six months every year, the Sami know how to create resistant clothing.

    © Lucas Lahargoue
  • Samiland , Finland
    The taiga as surroundings

    Taiga-type forests are very common in Lapland. It is in this harsh environment that the Sami live.

    © Lucas Lahargoue
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