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The long and dark Finnish winters allow many unusual activities, sleigh rides being at the top of the list. Pulled by either dogs or a deer, this experience in unmissable in Santa Claus' land. There are between 6 and 8 huskies per sled. The cleverest are placed in the front and the strongest at the back. It is very easy to direct them as human contact is their main motivation. The animals are trained from the beginning of the winter and rest from their long and tiring treks in summer.

  • Sleigh rides , A magical adventure , Finland
    A magical adventure

    A sleigh ride is one of the most magical adventures that you can have in Finland.

    © Mikko Ryhänen / Visit Finland
  • Sleigh rides , The reindeer, an all-terrain animal , Finland
    The reindeer, an all-terrain animal

    Before being served as a meal to Laplanders, reindeer may be used to draw sleighs.

  • Sleigh rides , Daily sleigh rides , Finland
    Daily sleigh rides

    Sleigh rides are an activity like no other. The chance to spend the day with huskies on a truly memorable excursion.

    © Eros Erika / 123RF
  • Sleigh rides , A thrilling activity , Finland
    A thrilling activity

    The sleigh can be used for fun but for some it is a sport all on its own. The driver is called the 'musher'.

    © Dmitry Kalinovsky / 123RF
  • Sleigh rides , The husky, a very special dog , Finland
    The husky, a very special dog

    The husky is originally from Siberia. It is in its element in the northernmost regions of the earth.

    © Mikko Ryhänen / Visit Finland
  • Sleigh rides , Dogsledding , Finland

    The husky is the only dog capable of committing itself to draw a sleigh!

    © Roman Babakin / 123RF
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