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Along the southern coast, the King's Road was, in the past, a road taken by kings, bishops and notables that used to go from Bergen in Norway to St Petersburg in Russia. Bordered by many historical monuments, it has been linking Hamina (in the east) to Turku (in the west) since the 14th century, crossing through small and scenic wooden villages, built around manors, inns, farms and taverns. On the way, do not hesitate to stop at Kotka (the Tsar's fishing chalet, the Orthodox church, the Sea Festival in July-August), Loviisa (Svartholm's maritime fortress, Rosen and Ungem fort, the city hall), Porvoo (the old wooden town around the medieval cathedral), Karjaa, Kirkkonummi, Pohja (Fiskars and Billnäs' foundries), Inkoo (the village and foundry of Fagervik, the stone church). Finally, you should also visit Turku's cathedral, its castle, Aboa Vetus and Ars Nova, its medieval museum and the modern art gallery, and Luostarinmäki's outdoor museum.

  • The King's Road , Nusfjord , Lofoten Islands , Finland
    Nusfjord - Lofoten Islands

    Fishermen's cottages in the village of Nusfjord, on the Lofoten Islands.

    © Tatiana Savvateeva / 123RF
  • The King's Road , Finland
    Porvoo and its medieval cathedral

    Built at the beginning of the 14th century, this religious construction has suffered through five fires. The latest one dates from 2006, when the cathedral was deliberately set on fire. It took two years to renovate it.

    © Eugene Sergeev / 123RF
  • The King's Road , Finland
    A medieval church, Hamina

    The Vehkalahti church dates from the 14th century. It was built shortly after the Treaty of Nöteborg, which was responsible for the border between Sweden and the Novrogod Republic.

    © Tatiana Savvateeva / 123RF
  • The King's Road , Finland
    Turku Castle

    This 14th century construction is one of the oldest Finnish buildings still in use. Although it once served as a prison, it now holds a museum of history.

    © Adrian Hillman / 123RF
  • The King's Road , Finland
    Turku Cathedral

    It is the largest Lutheran church in Finland. Originally constructed with wood, it had to be rebuilt following a fire that swept through the city in 1827.

    © Tatiana Savvateeva / 123RF
  • The King's Road , Finland
    Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church

    Built in 1827, it is the only circular religious building dedicated to these Saints.

    © Tatiana Savvateeva / 123RF
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