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Lakes offer beautiful scenery with vast areas of water and nice beaches. In the west, PaÔjšnne, the main lake linking all the others, fuses the blue of its waters with the green of the islands' forests. The European Community awarded Finland the prize of the best management in natural resources, to salute the cleanliness and good care of its environment. In the east, Saimaa is Europe's biggest lake region with lakes, canals, rivers, rapids and different water flows in the heart of the forest. Wooden chalets isolated on small islands welcome nature lovers. Many leisure activities are available including canoeing, hiking, fishing, swimming and gold washing.

  • The lake plateau , Finland
    The lake plateau
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  • The lake plateau , Finland
    Ecology Award

    Lake Saimaa received the award for the best management of European resources by the European Commission, thanks to the quality and efforts made for its preservation.

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  • The lake plateau , Finland
    An outing on a ferry

    To travel between the several tens of islands that dot the lake plateau, you sometimes have to take the smaller ferries.

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  • The lake plateau , Finland
    Winter on the plateau

    Once winter hits the lake plateau, the lakes are covered with a layer of ice, which makes getting around the islands easier.

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  • The lake plateau , Finland
    Lake Saimaa

    Lake Saimaa is located near the Russian border. With a surface area of 1,700 mi≤, it is the largest lake in Finland and the fourth largest lake in Europe.

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  • The lake plateau , Finland
    The Finnish forest

    It covers 75% of the territory. It's not surprising that the country is known for its tree farming, its paper production and its furniture.

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