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The lake regions, in the west and east of the country, offer beautiful landscapes with vast areas of water and nice beaches. In the north, Lapland is the epitome of untouched, pure nature. All sorts of hikes and rides are conceivable: mountain bike, motorbike, dog or reindeer harnessing and skiing. So are the activities relating to nature such as fishing, hunting and berry and mushroom picking.


Bordered by the Gulf of Botnia, the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, the country has many miles of coastline. Towns located close to the sea are for the most part very old and beautiful. In February, in the north, around Vaasa, an ice bridge is formed over 50 miles and connects Finland to Sweden.

The fauna and flora

Nature is the queen of all of Finland. The south is bordered by the Baltic Sea and the coast is divided into thousand of little islands and islets. Inland, dozens of lakes dot the landscapes. As you head north, forests start to dominate. In Lapland, huge expanses of fir trees cover the land, an area that is known as the Taïga.

In regards to the fauna, this iridescent nature is home to dozens of different species. The rivers are full of freshwater fish and the forests shelter wolves, lynxes and bears. Finally, the reindeer is one of the most populous animals in Lapland.

Arts and culture

Finland is a culture that emphasises its Nordic culture. To start with, this includes its architecture. The cities sometimes look a little austere but the houses isolated in the forests are often warm and welcoming. The Finnish are also at the leading edge when it comes to design. The furnishings in the traditional houses are always modern and mostly designed by young designers who often become known beyond the country's borders. Lastly, Finland is also a musical country. Numerous festivals liven up the city during the summer, like the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival that was created in 1970. In short, there is a rich cultural life here.

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