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In Finland's big natural open spaces, wild animals abound. Rare bird species live in the forests, as do bears, as well as no less than 55,000 moose and deer. The Teno River, located between the border of Norway and Finland, is home to many fish, especially Atlantic salmon whose weight can sometimes reach 55 pounds. The Turku archipelagos and other islands are crowded with pikes and perches, whereas trout prefer to live in rivers in the centre of the country.

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    The brown bear, a Finnish symbol

    The brown bear (the Karhu) has represented the warrior class since the Prehistoric Era. It can be seen in several regions around the country.

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    The Finnhorse

    The Finnhorse or Finnish Horse is the only Finnish breed. Very powerful, it is one of the fastest breeds in the world. Races involving the trotter type are very popular.

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    The great crested grebe

    The great crested grebe is a water bird that has an especially large presence in the south of Lapland.

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    Reindeer excursions in Finland

    It is possible to go on a reindeer sleigh ride of up to 6 miles here (in general, a reindeer can cover 37 miles in one day).

    ZoonarMichael Stede / age fotostock
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    The polar bear

    The polar bear, the master of the Great White North, is a carnivore and a very good swimmer; it has a very large presence in Finnish Lapland.

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    The black grouse

    The black grouse is a sedentary species. It is very numerous in the Nordic countries, as it loves large open spaces like forests and moors.

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