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Flights to Abu Simbel from £598

The most engaging reason to purchase a flight to Abu Simbel is quite simply to experience one of the glories of Egypt which is rightly considered one of the greatest ancient monuments in the world and recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site. For many centuries people have come here to gaze in wonder at the two awesome temples to Ramesses II cut into the side of the rock. What is even more remarkable is that the temples were relocated higher up the valley to facilitate the construction of the massive Aswan Dam. The two temples were built around 1264 BCE and are considered some of the most beautiful in Egypt. There are many reasons to visit the great country of Egypt but a flight to Abu Simbel is one of the most compelling.

Flight destination: Abu Simbel

When travelling to Abu Simbel it is important to try to organise a trip in advance via the internet. There are many way to get there but it is advisable to book from an official source as there are security issues that need to need to be addressed and it is also recommended that UK travellers check the advice given on the Foreign Office website. Setting aside all the concern, what awaits you in Abu Simbel is truly one of the most important wonders of the ancient world. Although much less well known than the pyramids but in many ways a lot more awe-inspiring, these temples are a very real reminder of the power of the Pharaohs and the majesty of their reign. Travelling either from Aswan or staying locally, a trip here will leave and indelible mark. There is much more than a world heritage site here, there is the passage of an ancient culture near to the cradle of all civilisations and it will never fail to fill visitors with a profound sense of awe.

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