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Flights to Agadir from £89

Agadir is a major tourist destination in Morocco and its popularity is growing with the development of the airport and increased links from Casablanca. The city is to be found on the Atlantic coast, near the the Atlas Mountains, and remains a beautiful place to visit. It has been known for over 8 centuries and is believed to have had a working harbour since the beginning of its life. Agadir has some of the finest beaches in all Morocco and tourism is very important to its recent development. There are many attractions particularly for sun worshipers as the beaches are well maintained and the nightlife is vibrant in a family friendly way. The beachfront bars add to the resort feel, so it is not unusual to see large number of Europeans here during the winter months. It's a place where visitors can ride a camel, investigate the Suq al-Had market or take the 20-minute walk up to the ruins of the Agadir Kasbah for great views over the city. There are no direct flights from Exeter and only seasonal flights from Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester, however regular connections can be made from Brussels, Casablanca, Laayoune, Las Palmas, Marrakech and Paris.

Flight destination: Agadir

The fun potential in Agadir is enormous and the great beaches and facilities make this a great destination particularly for winter sun holidays. With a great many attractions and festivals of culture to engage and amuse there is plenty of things to do for those who need a break from the beach. A development project for the city has just been completed and this is to increase the services and attractions for the tourist industry. Agadir is blessed with a picturesque promenade about 3 miles long.A marina with many shops was recently been built near the Casbah and the Oued Tildi. This has become a must visit attraction for visitors as they can buy quality merchandise to remind them of the beautiful city and it's warm welcome from the local inhabitants.

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