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Aigle Azur Flight Information

Compare the flight prices of your airline tickets with Aigle Azur , among other airlines or low cost sold through travel agents that we are comparing. Find the best prices with Aigle Azur to enjoy your stay. We offer a small listing of the company's history, alliances, customer services and on-board and list of destinations served by Aigle Azur.

Aigle Azur : Presentation

logo Aigle Azur
  • IATA Code: ZI
  • Website:  www.aigle-azur.com
  • Country : France France
  • Telephone number : 0 810 797 997
  • Call sign : Aigle Azur
  • Headquarters : Tremblay, France
  • Based at : 5833
  • Fleet size : 12
  • Number of yearly passengers : 2 million
  • Hand luggage size : 56 x 45 x 25 cm
  • Maximum weight of check in luggage : 20 kg

Aigle Azur : History

Aigle Azur is a French airline company founded in 1946. It belongs to the group GoFast which offers regular flights from France to destinations in Algeria, Portugal, Tunisia, Mali and Russia. Aigle Azur flights also connect passengers with the main cities in Morocco, like Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, Fes, Tangier and Oujda. Therefore, although Aigle Azur does not offer direct flights from the UK, it is possible that you may have to take an Aigle Azur connection from France if you wish to visit one of these destinations. In 2010 Aigle Azur and Air Mali created a partnership which allowed the French airline company to advertise flights to other cities in Africa such as Dakar, Abidjan and Brazzaville. In 2010 the Aigle Azur route map was extended further to include Baghdad, however this connection is no longer available due to lack of popularity.
Aigle Azur is a member of the Chinese group HNA which owns 48% of Aigle Azur shares. Later, in 2012 the French airline company joined Corsair in a partnership which continues to this day.
Aigle Azur's main base is at the Paris Orly Airport in France. The Aigle Azur fleet serves flights to 23 destinations from 10 different airports in France and directs more than 300 flights each week.

Aigle Azur : Information about the airline


There are several ways to complete the Aigle Azur check in. Passengers are advised to benefit from the Aigle Azur online check in service in order to avoid long queues at the airport. This service opens 48 hours before the flight departure and remains open until 3 hours before take-off. Alternatively, customers may check in at the airport desk or using the airport's self-service kiosks. All passengers must be present at the gate 45 minutes before boarding.
Aigle Azur baggage restrictions allow each passenger to take one item of carry-on luggage onto the plane. For Aigle Azur Economy Class passengers this item must not weigh more than 10kg, and for Business Class passengers the maximum hand baggage weight is 15kg. The item must also be less than 55x40x20cm in size.
The restrictions placed on Aigle Azur hold baggage vary depending on the different ticket classes and the flight duration and destination. Economy Class passengers may bring one item to place in the hold weighing no more than 20kg without incurring any extra charges (35kg maximum with overweight baggage costs). It is worthwhile checking the Aigle Azur official website for your individual flight's requirements before packing.

Customer and on Board Services Aigle Azur

Onboard Your FlightOnce on board, the safety announcements on Aigle Azur flights are given in the languages of all destinations served by this airline company (Arabic and Berber for Tunisia, Portuguese for Portugal and Songhay for Mali). As for the onboard refreshments, Economy Class passengers can look forward to a hot meal or snack and free drinks. Eco Premium passengers receive preordered food and drinks and those travelling in Business Class will be served with gourmet meals accompanied by champagne and wine, as well as preordered refreshments throughout the flight.

After Your Flight, Loyalty ProgrammeAigle Azur Plus is the airline's loyalty programme through which passengers can cumulate and exchange air miles for discounts, extra baggage allowances and priority check in. Each customer can personalize their loyalty account according to their own needs and interests with the different membership options offering different advantages.