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Flights to Alghero from £111

The town of Alghero on Sardinia's west coast is renowned for its spectacular beaches, rugged coastline and outstanding seafood. The town still exhibits traces of its Catalan past; from the atmospheric cobblestone streets to the exceptional Sardinian cuisine. With a number of beaches nearby, a charming town centre, and friendly locals - Alghero is everything you imagine Italy to be, right down to the ice-cream. As well as the established Italian based airline Alitalia, there are several budget carriers offering the possibility for a cheap flight to Sardinia. Ryanair operates the largest number of flights to Alghero, the carrier flies from most major European countries. There are quite a few rival carriers offering routes to Alghero, so make sure to compare your options and maximise the possibility of getting a cheap flight. For a flight from a more remote location you may have to fly to Sardinia's main airport of Cagliari, which lies on the south coast. Alghero is a rare year-round destination that offers an unforgettable combination of beauty, history, water sports and culture. The town's most enduring tourist attraction is The Cave of Neptune, which attracts over 150,000 visitors per year. Accessible by sea, this grotto is one of the greatest geographical wonders of the Mediterranean, and is not to be missed. Once you have reached the grotto by boat, you can take one of the guided walks that descend deep into the cave, and view the remarkable stalagmites, stalactites and natural beauty of this unique location. Also within a short drive of the town are the ancient ruins of Nuraghe di Palmavera, which are more than 3,000 years old. Make sure to get an audio guide prior to entering the ruins to get the full history of the Nuragic people, who resided here thousands of years ago.

Flight destination: Alghero

Following your flight to Alghero, there is a number of transport options to the town itself, and further into the Sardinian heartland. The bus stops for all destinations, can be found on the right end side of the terminal, about 150 metres from the main building. A reliable and efficient bus service runs to the town until 23:00 pm every day, with a frequency of about 20 minutes. When your flight lands, taxis are available outside the terminal building, a journey to the town centre should take about 15 minutes. In addition to these services, all the major car rental companies are available within the terminal building.

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