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Flights to Algiers: the capital of Algeria from £144

Algiers is the capital city of Algeria with a population of around 4 million people. The old part of the town is built on the slope of a steep hill which is crowned by a Casbah at the top. The modern part of the city is built just above sea level on ground which is much flatter. Many international airlines fly to Algiers and you can reach this amazing city with flights from Belfast, Paris and many other European cities. If you are looking for a cheap Algiers flight, be sure to use our online comparison tool first. A holiday to Algiers will give you the opportunity to enjoy the many attractions that this city boasts. The entire Kasbah quarter is home to some amazing pieces of architecture and the numerous mosques and cathedrals make for some exceptional viewing. As Algeria is a Muslim country, it is advisable that women dress modestly and do not wear any garments that may be regarded as provocative.

Flight destination: Algiers

Transportation around this amazing city is very convenient and there are numerous methods. The ETUSA bus service operates from 5.30 am till 12.45 am which is much better than most of Europe. Ther service covers all areas of the city and most suburbs too. There is also the SNTF rail company and also the metrolink. As previously mentioned, there are many feats of architecture which make this city popular with tourists including the Notre Dame d'Afrique which is accessible by cable car and is one of the city's most impressive monuments. Tourists can also marvel at the design of the grand post office or the splendor of the Beni Hammad Fort which is situated on the mountains close to M'Sila. There are many other attractions here including markets, beaches and countless museums too.

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    Air France
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Cheap flights to Algiers 

If you're looking to save money on flights to Algiers, Easyvoyage recommends you use our online price comparator to find the best time for your low cost city break. It simply compares flight prices to Algiers recorded over the past 12 months to reveal the most economical time to book your flights. According to the flight history charts found below October and January are the best times to find the cheapest flights between London and Algiers.

Algiers is amongst the most beautiful towns in the Arab world and whilst the summertime period may hold the best weather for this city, it is also when flight prices are at their highest. For cheap flights to Algiers why not compare December or January flights and spend New Year in Algiers instead for half the cost. You may also want to think about staying on for the festival of Mawlid Nabawi on 24th January, when locals dress up in traditional costumes for a day of prayers and singing to celebrate the anniversary of the prophet Mohammed. Similarly, the sparkling ocean views and stately French boulevards would be just as pleasant in April or May when flight deals are cheaper, and the Grand Mosque of Algiers would provide the perfect sheltering spot should you encounter any rain in Algiers' milder winter season.

Remember that the departure date is not the only important factor when searching for flights to Algiers. It is also necessary to take into consideration that airfare prices can often vary dramatically between companies. British Airways and Air Algérie are two companies which offer the best deals on flights to Algiers.

So why hang around any longer? Now that we have provided you with the tools to compare flights to Algiers, find your perfect trip today with EasyVoyage and get ready to discover a striking world of winding streets and fascinating Kasbahs for less.

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