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Stroll along the canals with Flights to Amsterdam from £34

Amsterdam is the capital city and most populated in the Netherlands. It is most famous for its museums and coffee shops, however is a very diverse city and provides something for everyone. Served by many international airlines, this hippie's haven can be accessed by budget flights from London as well as Belfast, Glasgow and Paris. Cheap flights to Amsterdam from London can easily be found using our online comparison tool. There are many Amsterdam flights available so use our online comparison tool today to find the one that is most convenient for you. A flight to Amsterdam will give you the opportunity to explore the multitude of sights within this glorious city. Peruse the extensive collection of paintings in the Van Gogh museum or learn about the Jewish wartime diarist in the Anne Frank House. This city is also a paradise for anyone with an interest in architecture as there are hundreds of beautifully designed buildings to gaze upon. This city is also the perfect place to relax as there is an abundance of coffee shops and plenty of river excursions available.

Flight destination: Amsterdam

The transport system in this city is second to none and offers a number of very convenient transportation methods. The transport smart card system will allow you to access all areas of the city and can be purchased at vending machines located at all bus terminals. One hour cards and day cards can be purchased as well as anonymous refillable cards. These cards will allow you to use the buses, trains and trams. The transport cards will often allow you to visit the city's top attractions whenever you please. Some sights to bear in mind are the Heineken music hall, Vondelpark, the National Maritime Museum and the Olympic Stadium. One of the best and most authentic ways to explore this city is by use of the Gondola service. Cruise at a gentle speed through the city's winding canal system until you find something that intrigues you. Prices start at around eight Euros per hour.

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    Ryanair LTD
    27/07/2018 Direct flight Duration 01h05
    Ryanair LTD
    30/07/2018 Direct flight Duration 01h10
    from £77.99
  • Glasgow - Amsterdam

    07/07/2017 Direct flight Duration 01h40
    14/07/2017 Direct flight Duration 01h30
    from £134.22
  • Birmingham - Amsterdam

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    02/08/2017 Direct flight Duration 01h25
    from £92.70
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    Ryanair LTD
    17/07/2017 Direct flight Duration 01h15
    Ryanair LTD
    17/08/2017 Direct flight Duration 01h30
    from £79.58
  • Edinburgh - Amsterdam

    25/07/2017 Direct flight Duration 01h35
    28/07/2017 Direct flight Duration 01h30
    from £137.98
  • Leeds - Amsterdam

    23/07/2017 Direct flight Duration 01h20
    24/07/2017 Direct flight Duration 01h15
    from £136.32
  • Liverpool - Amsterdam

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    28/07/2017 Direct flight Duration 01h20
    from £141.48
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    15/07/2017 Direct flight Duration 01h20
    17/07/2017 Direct flight Duration 01h20
    from £158.00
  • Dublin - Amsterdam

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Cheap flights to Amsterdam 

Find the cheapest time to fly to 'hippy haven' Amsterdam using Easy Voyage's online flight comparator. Our unique tool allows customers the opportunity to compare cheap flights to Amsterdam collected over the past 12 months in order to easily deduce the best time to fly from London to Amsterdam for less. From the price history chart found below it is clear that London-Amsterdam airfare stays relatively cheap throughout the year, on average never exceeding £150. However, for those travelling on a stricter budget the cheapest flights to Amsterdam can be found in August, February and May. On the other hand, September and November see prices rise even if by only £30 or so.

The quirky capital of the Netherlands is the ideal destination for an interesting and cheap city break all year round. Travellers who decide to make the most of the cheap flights to Amsterdam on offer in May will experience this captivating city during its driest and sunniest time. The city is said to come alive under a rainbow of brightly coloured cafés with windowsills filled with blooming flower boxes and street art is reinvigorated and cycling through the streets or taking a canal boat ride is the perfect way to explore at this time. Nevertheless, you should not be dissuaded from comparing low cost airfare to Amsterdam at other times of the year as Europe's 4th rainiest capital is home to an abundance of indoor exhibitions perfect for escaping the higher chance of rainfall. Search for cheap London-Amsterdam flights in February and take time to marvel at the Van Goghs, Vermeers and Rembrandts on display in the host of world-class museums around the city, or visit Anne Frank's house to learn more about the girl behind the famous diary.

When comparing cheap flights to Amsterdam from the UK it should be taken into consideration that discount flight prices can often vary dramatically depending on different airline companies. One example is KLM which offers direct flights for less than £100 in January provided you don't mind fixed dates and flying early in the morning.

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