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Flights to ar-Riyadh from £222

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia and also the largest city in the country. Once a small town, Riyadh has evolved into a sprawling metropolis and the richest city in Saudi Arabia, whilst still retaining some of its original, traditional architecture. Many major airlines, including British Airways and Emirates offer a direct flight from London to Riyadh. https://www.easyvoyage.co.uk/flights/from-exeter-ext are likely to have one or two stopovers. The city is also easily reached from European capitals such as Paris and Amsterdam on a flight with one stop in Dubai. If you're looking for a cheap flight to Saudi Arabia, you can use the flight comparison tool on our website - simply enter the dates you wish to travel and compare the cheap flights to find the best deal for you. Saudi Arabia's bustling capital is known for its fantastic mix of traditional architecture and modern skyscrapers. Within the old city walls lies the well preserved remains of the Masmak Fort, as well as some traditional mud brick houses. In the new town lies the striking Kingdom Centre and the famous TV Tower.

Prices for flights to ar-Riyadh by airline

  • Lufthansa

    Newcastle ar-Riyadh

    Sun 09 Oct - Sat 22 Oct

  • KLM

    Bristol ar-Riyadh

    Sat 03 Sep - Fri 16 Sep

Flight destination: ar-Riyadh

The best way to get from the airport to the city centre is by taxi, and this is also the favoured method of travel for tourists for the whole city as well. Metered fares are quite reasonable however English speaking drivers will usually be up for haggling on a set fare which could work out even cheaper. Make sure you don't fall foul Islamic traditions when travelling by taxi - male travellers sit next to the driver; female passengers must always sit in the back. Women are not allowed to travel without a male escort. While public transport in the form of buses and trains does not really exist in Riyadh, if you don't wish to use taxis, you can hire a car. Remember, women cannot drive in Saudi Arabia; they must be in the back. Always take your passport and driver's licence with you as there are many check points throughout the city. Riyadh has a rich history, demonstrated by many landmarks and museums. The Masmak Fort is a beautiful old castle with a museum inside which is free to enter. Brand new in 1999, the National Museum is also a must visit, with up-to-the-minute technology and all displays with information in English.

Latest searches for cheap ar-Riyadh flights

  • Pegasus Airlines

    London ar-Riyadh

    Fri 10 Mar - Fri 24 Mar

  • Ryanair LTD

    Glasgow ar-Riyadh

    Sat 24 Sep - Fri 24 Feb

  • Easyjet

    Edinburgh ar-Riyadh

    Wed 01 Mar - Wed 15 Mar

  • Jet2.com

    Birmingham ar-Riyadh

    Fri 11 Nov - Mon 14 Nov

  • KLM

    Bristol ar-Riyadh

    Sat 03 Sep - Fri 16 Sep

  • KLM

    Humberside ar-Riyadh

    Sun 24 Jul - Sun 31 Jul