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Flights to Aswan from £356

Aswan is located on the East bank of the serene River Nile and offers the most breathtaking view of the river itself. Egypt's southernmost city, it has a unique African flavour, giving you the chance to experience the rich culture of the Nubian people. An ideal place to enjoy a laid back lifestyle, the city has many monuments and sites that are worth visiting. Whether you are sailing to the temple of Philae, taking a jaunt to St. Simeon's Monastery or visiting the Agha Khan Mausolem, this irresistibly charming Nile Valley destination is sure to leave lasting memories. The broad walkway in the city, locally known as the Corniche, is a great setting to wander aimlessly and unwind, watching feluccas sailing down the beautiful Nile. Indulge in the freshly cooked seafood at one of the floating restaurants and your trip is bound to be unforgettable. Now, you can plan your trip easily and inexpensively using our flight and hotel comparison tool. With this incredibly easy-to-find online comparison tool, you can take the price history of Aswan flights into consideration and book a cheap flight to Aswan, saving a lot for the trip.

Flight destination: Aswan

Considered as the perfect winter holiday destination, the city is known for its environmental therapy. The sand in this part of the world is popular for its healing properties, and there are many resorts and spas to help you benefit from the extraordinary medicinal powers of the city's sand that magically relives you from chronic ailments like arthritis, rheumatism, bronchial asthma, and joint edema. The moderate and dry climate and clear sunshine throughout the year provide a congenial environment for treating various diseases. A shopper's delight, Aswan-Souk is a vibrant marketplace where you can get authentic, handmade Egyptian and African goods, from souvenirs to perfumes, spices and more. Another must-see place in the city is the Elephantine Island, where you can spend time enjoying an outing on the river banks, fishing in the Nile or strolling around the colourful Nubian villages.

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