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Flights to Auckland from £549

Auckland is New Zealand's biggest city, and is the usual point of entry for visitors to the country's North Island. The city has many attractions for the tourist, and ranks highly on 'quality of life' listings. It is also a great centre for exploring the island's fascinating volcanic landscapes. Flights are available from a number of UK airports, it is not possible to go direct from the UK and common stopovers are often Dubai or Hong Kong depending on the airline. However, our online price comparison tool can help you find some cheap flights from Manchester, or another UK airport, to Dubai which is a good stopover destination for your flight to Auckland.

New Zealand is a paradise for those interested in the natural world, and even within the city there is plenty to see. At Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium you can view an amazing array of marine life, experience close encounters with creatures of the deep and even dive with full size sharks. There is also a zoo with sections devoted to New Zealand's wildlife and a botanical garden with over 10,000 plants. Whales and dolphins can often be seen in the surrounding waters, and there are frequent whale-watching cruises departing from the city.

Anyone interested in geology or natural wonders will want to visit the Waitomo caves, with their spectacular stalactites and chambers inhabited by glow worms, and Rotorua with its 30 metre (100 foot) geyser and hot mud pools. Numerous other bus and boat trips exploring the beautiful countryside and picturesque islands around the city are available. You can also visit the Lord of the Rings movie set. Auckland really does provide a great base for exploring New Zealand's North Island as well as the South Island. Auckland Airport offers many domestic flights to Christchurch, for example, so travellers can enjoy the delights of both islands. Auckland's best known landmark is the Sky Tower, a 328 metre (1076 foot) pinnacle that has become a symbol of the city. Adventurous types may want to try a 'skyjump' - a 192 metre (630 foot) plunge with a soft landing on the plaza far below. Others may be content with a meal in the restaurant high above the city, enjoying the breathtaking panorama.

Flight destination: Auckland

Most major international airlines offer flights from UK cities to Auckland Airport. To find a cheap flight, use our flight comparison tool to help you compare hundreds of airlines across the market. Frequent buses, easily spotted by their bright blue colour, connect the airport to the city centre, and to many intermediate stops. Tickets can be purchased online. Buses also travel direct from the airport to Manukau, Botany and other nearby destinations. For travel within the city, there is an extensive bus network, plus trains and ferries. Detailed information on public transport in the city can be found on the http://www.maxx.co.nz/ website. Auckland is a great centre for exploring the North Island, with its volcanoes, geysers and unspoiled beaches. The airport offers flights to Wellington, Hamilton and other North Island destinations.

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