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Austrian Airlines Flight Information from £710

Compare the flight prices of your airline tickets with Austrian Airlines , among other airlines or low cost sold through travel agents that we are comparing. Find the best prices with Austrian Airlines to enjoy your stay. We offer a small listing of the company's history, alliances, customer services and on-board and list of destinations served by Austrian Airlines.

Austrian Airlines : Presentation

logo Austrian Airlines
  • IATA Code: OS
  • Website:  www.austrian.com
  • Country : Austria Austria
  • Telephone number : 01 55 60 42 20
  • Call sign : Austrian Airlines
  • Headquarters : Vienna, Austria
  • Based at : 5833
  • Fleet size : 80
  • Number of yearly passengers : 0
  • Hand luggage size : 55 x 40 x 23 cm

Austrian Airlines : History

Austrian Airlines has its headquarters at the Vienna International Airport. It was created in 1957, following the merging of Air Austria and Austrian Airways. Following Economy difficulties, the airline went private and was bought by Lufthansa on the 3rd September 2009. It is now part of the biggest airline company alliance in the world, Star Alliance, which consists of 26 members. The Austrian Airlines fleet currently consists of 80 aircraft including Airbuses, Boeings, bombers and Fokkers and the Austrian Airlines route map serves more than 110 destinations around the world: Europe (Paris, Madrid, London etc.), Africa (Casablanca, Dakar, Johannesburg etc.), the Middle East (Riyad, Beirut etc.), Asia (Delhi, Beijing, Tokyo etc.), Australia and the Americas (USA, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina etc.).

Austrian Airlines : Information about the airline


On Austrian Airlines flights all passengers are permitted one item of cabin baggage (or two for Austrian Airlines Business Class ticket holders). This item must not exceed 55x40x23 cm in size and cannot weigh over 8kg. The Austrian Airlines baggage allowance also allows passengers to take a second handbag, briefcase or portable computer. There is no extra charge for hold luggage and the weight limitations vary depending on the flight destination and booking class. Austrian Airlines Economy Class passengers can bring one item of hold luggage weighing no more than 23kg, and Business Class passengers can bring two bags also weighing less than 23kg each. Overweight bags or bags which are bigger than 158cm will incur an extra charge of between 100 euros and 200 euros, and no bag can exceed 32kg. The price of additional baggage varies from 75 euros (for bags weighing less than 23kg on flights within Europe) to 450 euros (for flights exceeding 158cm and weighing more than 24kg for intercontinental flights).

Customer and on Board Services Austrian Airlines

Onboard Your Flight

The Austrian Airlines in-flight entertainment service offered to passengers is diverse and impressive, even for Economy passengers: individual touchscreens complete with over 300 hours of entertainment and a choice of meals for long-haul flights. Business Class fliers also have access to the VIP area at the airport, priority Austrian Airlines check in, and higher levels of comfort on the flight (reclining beds, touch screens, more choice for meals etc.)

After Your Flight

Austrian Airlines miles and more is the airline's loyalty programme in conjunction with Lufthansa. Clients cumulate miles for each flight taken with Austrian Airlines which they can exchange for rewards and privileges such as flight discounts, upgrades and gift vouchers.