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Flights to Barcelona: the city of Sagrada Familia from £83

Barcelona is the most visited city in Spain and is the capital of the Catalonia region. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, the city enjoys a pleasant climate and has several excellent beaches, but is perhaps best known for its unusual architecture. It contains eight UNESCO World Heritage sites. What is more, the airport provides easy access to many resorts on the Costa Brava such as Calella, Sitges, Malgrat de Mar and Pineda de Mar. These attractions, along with the availability of cheap flights, make the city one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations for both city breaks and longer holidays. Our flight comparison website can be used to find the best airfare from Gatwick and other UK airports. Perhaps the features most associated with Barcelona are the extraordinary constructions of the architect Antoni Gaudi. Buildings such as the Casa Batllo and La Pedera, and the famous Guell Park, with its curious structures, sculptures and colourful mosaics, illustrate his unique style and are quite unlike anything else in the world. Work continues on his unfinished masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia church; although incomplete, it is a spectacular landmark. No visit to this city would be complete without a stroll along La Rambla, the city's most famous street. It is a lively and fascinating avenue, featuring an abundance of cafes, tapas bars, stalls and street entertainers, as well as Europe's largest food market. Barcelona has a strong culinary tradition, with seafood fresh from the Mediterranean featuring prominently. You can try out local dishes at one of the many excellent restaurants such as La Mar Salada, Cachitos and Cal Pep.

Flight destination: Barcelona

The airport is served by flights from all the major operators. Budget airlines offer cheap flights from most European cities. Simply compare options to get the best flight deal. Getting to and from the airport is straightforward. There is a cheap daily bus service connecting it to the city centre and a number of intermediate locations, with frequent departures. The journey takes about 35 minutes. Alternatively, you can book your airport transfers in advance at a reasonable price. Barcelona is well served by public transport, with the main urban area covered by bus, tram, train and metro (underground) services. A 'Hola BCN!' ticket gives unlimited travel within the city by all these methods for periods of two, three, four or five days. One of the best ways to see the city, especially if you are short of time, is a 'hop-on hop-off' bus tour. You simply buy a ticket, which is valid all day, and get on and off the bus wherever you want. A 'red' and a 'blue' route operate throughout the year and, between them, take in most of the sights a tourist will want to see. The airport is a gateway to many other attractions, including Montserrat - a Benedictine monastery in a spectacular setting - and Figueres - home to the Salvador Dali museum. It is also the best way to reach the seaside resorts of Lloret de Mar, Sitges and Vilanova i la Geltru.

Latest searches for cheap Barcelona flights

  • London - Barcelona

    Departure 02/11/2018 Ryanair LTD Ryanair LTD Direct flight 02h15 (Duration)
    Return 04/11/2018 Ryanair LTD Ryanair LTD Direct flight 02h30 (Duration)
    from £83.00 Flight search today

    Glasgow - Barcelona

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    Birmingham - Barcelona

    Departure 12/09/2017 Vueling Vueling Direct flight 02h10 (Duration)
    Return 12/09/2017 Vueling Vueling Direct flight 02h30 (Duration)
    from £105.32 Flight search 377 day(s) ago

    Bristol - Barcelona

    Departure 06/09/2017 Ryanair LTD Ryanair LTD Direct flight 02h00 (Duration)
    Return 10/09/2017 Ryanair LTD Ryanair LTD Direct flight 02h10 (Duration)
    from £128.98 Flight search 429 day(s) ago

    Manchester - Barcelona

    Departure 03/09/2018 Vueling Vueling Direct flight 02h20 (Duration)
    Return 09/09/2018 Vueling Vueling Direct flight 02h35 (Duration)
    from £130.00 Flight search 104 day(s) ago

    Edinburgh - Barcelona

    Departure 24/09/2017 Vueling Vueling Direct flight 02h45 (Duration)
    Return 01/10/2017 Vueling Vueling Flight 1 stop(s) 07h05 (Duration)
    from £204.87 Flight search 375 day(s) ago

    Leeds - Barcelona

    Departure 26/09/2017 KLM KLM Flight 1 stop(s) 23h00 (Duration)
    Return 29/09/2017 KLM KLM Flight 1 stop(s) 15h10 (Duration)
    from £124.00 Flight search 405 day(s) ago

    Liverpool - Barcelona

    Departure 14/09/2017 Ryanair LTD Ryanair LTD Direct flight 02h20 (Duration)
    Return 21/09/2017 Ryanair LTD Ryanair LTD Direct flight 02h40 (Duration)
    from £66.99 Flight search 412 day(s) ago

    Cardiff - Barcelona

    Departure 15/09/2017 Vueling Vueling Direct flight 01h10 (Duration)
    Return 22/09/2017 Vueling Vueling Direct flight 03h15 (Duration)
    from £129.94 Flight search 380 day(s) ago

    Belfast - Barcelona

    Departure 15/09/2017 Direct flight 02h35 (Duration)
    Return 22/09/2017 Direct flight 02h45 (Duration)
    from £101.99 Flight search 378 day(s) ago
  • Newcastle - Barcelona

    Departure 15/09/2017 Iberia Iberia Flight 1 stop(s) 26h15 (Duration)
    Return 22/09/2017 Iberia Iberia Direct flight 02h45 (Duration)
    from £166.81 Flight search 378 day(s) ago

    Aberdeen - Barcelona

    Departure 08/09/2017 KLM KLM Flight 1 stop(s) 15h45 (Duration)
    Return 15/09/2017 KLM KLM Flight 1 stop(s) 15h10 (Duration)
    from £213.00 Flight search 408 day(s) ago

    Bournemouth - Barcelona

    Departure 16/09/2017 Ryanair LTD Ryanair LTD Direct flight 02h00 (Duration)
    Return 18/09/2017 Ryanair LTD Ryanair LTD Direct flight 02h00 (Duration)
    from £150.31 Flight search 397 day(s) ago

    Dublin - Barcelona

    Departure - No offers found Dublin - Barcelona
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