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Flights to Bari from £55

A flight to Bari will take the traveller to the most important city in Southern Italy behind Naples and a city rich in history, culture and very proud of its cuisine. There are many cheap flights to Puglia, the region in which Bari is situated and by using our flight comparison tool you can find the best deal to get to this great place from all over the UK, whether you are looking to depart from London or Edinburgh. On arrival it will be obvious that this city whilst being a modern port with and industrial hinterland, also holds many attractions for the pleasure seeker as well as being the gateway to the region of Puglia. With Bari Cathedral and the Basilica of St Nicholas there are treats for lovers of history and the Swabian Castle is a must-see attraction as well. For lovers of culture the city offers the Pinacoteca Provinciale di Bari housing a great many art works and the Petruzzelli Theatre hosts many operas throughout the year. Old Bari, the medieval heart of the town, has been subject to a major redevelopment and this has now become a magnet for tourists with a lot of bars and restaurants that cater for this influx of visitors and is very popular. For those wanting to explore further afield too, the unique town of Alberobello as well as ancient town of Matera, which has in fact won the award of European Capital of Culture award for 2019, are both well worth the visit.

Flight destination: Bari

The transport links into and out of the airport are extensive and this includes a rail link direct into town as well as other public transport options including an efficient bus service allowing good access to the city as well as other recommended onward destinations. In addition to this there are very good road links and cars can be rented easily at the airport allowing onward travel to towns such as Alberobello or Matera. Once in the beautiful city, found in the region of Puglia, it is time to see and experience the delights of this wonderful place. The sight and sounds are typically Italian and any visitor can drink in the atmosphere that will leave a permanent mark. The cuisine is very famous and is considered very traditional and is based on local produce and wheat, olive oil and wine are particularly important. Locally sourced fruit and vegetables are particularly fine and anyone looking for excellent cuisine that is typically Italian will find it here. So in addition to this excellent treat, there is the excellent night life based on the two main squares in the Old town that represent the warmest of welcomes for travellers to this lovely place.

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