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Flights to Belem from £488

Belem is situated at the mouth of the River Amazon in Northern Brazil and is the capital of the Brazilian state of Pará. As well as being the largest city in the state it is also the gateway to the Amazon River. The city of Belem is reasonably modern with a city centre of tall buildings and streets lined with mango trees. Even if you are just passing through Belem en route to an Amazonian adventure, it is still worth exploring some of the attractions which Belem has on offer. There is a beautiful botanical garden - the Rodrigues Alves Wood, in the centre of the town and the Cidade Velha - the old part of the city - is also definitely worth visiting. So why wait? Finding cheap flights to Belem is just a simple click away. Plan your trip with our online Belem flight comparison tool and save some money for pre-departure souvenir shopping whether you are looking to fly from Edinburgh or London.

Flight destination: Belem

If you think this city is all about monuments and museums, think again! The city's extensive riverside greenery, parks and streets shaded by mango trees make even a casual stroll an unforgettable experience. Visiting Ver-o-Peso, one of the best street markets in the world, gives you the chance to buy some of the rare and exotic medicinal herbs, fishes and fruits found deep in the Amazon forests, many are hardly seen or sold anywhere else in the world. For night owls, the vibrant bohemian sort of nightlife is something you cannot miss. Cafe-bars, small music events and arthouse theatres provide an eclectic mix of entertainment choices, making your nights in Belem exciting and fun-filled.

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  • Manchester - Belem

    TAP Portugal
    09/02/2018 1 stop(s) Duration 30h05
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    16/02/2018 2 stop(s) Duration 22h30
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