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Flights to Belfast from £35

A trip to Belfast is a richly rewarding experience and will leave the visitor with memories that will stay forever. The gateway to Northern Ireland, Belfast is full of history and beauty and with the Titanic quarter and new developments, the city is looking to attract new visitors to see first hand what it has to offer. The birth of Titanic is celebrated in the city and there is an exhibition celebrating all things Titanic. It is a great attraction in a striking building that looks over the great shipyard of Harland and Wolff. The two great cranes to remind everyone that this city used to be an industrial powerhouse and that this legacy lives on today in the advanced engineering and aerospace industries that are found in the city. Historically, the city had a huge boom in the Victorian era and the architecture of the city reflects that with huge Gothic revival buildings that impose a sense of grandeur. What's more is this lively Irish city is extremely accessible with cheap flights from Glasgow, East Midlands as well as many other UK cities.

Flight destination: Belfast

Belfast is a place of grandeur and warmth. The imposing buildings and industrial heritage serve as a counterpoint to the warmth of the welcome from the local people. As a gateway to the beauty of The North of Ireland it is a great introduction to the fabulous welcome that all visitors will experience. The nightlife and culture are truly excellent and the Opera house is rightly famous for the quality of its productions and there many other venues to explore. The restaurants are producing fine cuisine with an emphasis on quality local produce. Seafood and locally sourced beef are particular strengths and obviously local vegetables are rightly famous too. All in all a trip to Belfast will offer a rich mix of the historic and the contemporary all wrapped up in a fine and warm welcome.

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