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Birmingham Tozeur

The flight distance from Tozeur to Birmingham is approximately 1372 miles. Taking a flight between Birmingham and Tozeur will take between 15 and 30 hours depending on the length and amount of stopovers. Various airlines service the the Birmingham - Tozeur route including Air France, Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines, and will often offer attractive flight deals and daily promotions. A number of the flights between Birmingham and Tozeur will make stopovers in major cities, such as Frankfurt, Montego Bay, Paris and St. Petersburg.

Cheap Birmingham - Tozeur Flights

To travel between Birmingham and Tozeur at a low cost, Easyvoyage provides two major pieces of information: the calendar and the price history for Birmingham - Tozeur flights. These elements will allow you to analyse the cheapest Birmingham - Tozeur flights by departure date.

Sightseeing Tozeur 1 Chott El Jerid

This is an incredibly peaceful and beautiful place to visit. The enormous salt lake baffles every visitor who makes a stopover by the roadside to have a refreshing look at its salty crust. The water level at the lake is not far off the crust. Driving along the road crossing Chott offers pleasant views of the lovely oasis.

2 Tamerza's Canyon

Tamerza is the largest mountain oasis, an intriguing natural phenomenon that will blow your mind. Attractive curved twisting walls characterise Tamerza's canyon, making it a remarkable sight worth seeing.

3 Golf Oasis Tozeur

The Golf Oasis Tozeur is probably the best golfing secret in Africa. The incredible sight of the green course camouflaging the desert sun is worth treasuring. If you are a golfing fan, then this place will marvel you.

4 Le Vieux Quartier de Ouled el Hadef(Medina)

Tozeur is a town of great charm. A place with incredible historic architecture of the Medina, Le Vieux Quartier de Ouled el Hadef is composed of bricks that were initially used as houses.

5 Tozeur Market

For travellers who would like to try out a new fruity experience, Tozeur market is the place for you. The market is famously known for its variety of dates during the month of October, with numerous offers throughout the summer. Tip: The best way to get the best dates is to try before you buy.

Required travel documents for Tunisia

There is no time difference between Tozeur and the UK. European Union, EEA and SWISS citizens do not need a visa to travel to Tunisia but they will require a valid national identification card or a passport. Citizens from other countries may require a visa so check with your local emabssy before travel. On landing, you will be required to have your passport, visa, and currency declaration ready for presentation. There are various transport options to enable you to move from Tozeur airport to the rest of the city and beyond. Taxis are unmetered in Tozeur so be sure to agree on the price of your journey before you depart. Tozeur has a very high ultra violet index so bring sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen.