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London Aden

Flights between London and Aden will take around 10 hours and 30 minutes, including one stop. The departure airport could be London Heathrow, Stansted or Gatwick, depending on which airline you choose to fly with. Tickets can get quite expensive, so be sure to book in advance to get the best cheap flight deals from airlines such as British Airways and Royal Jordanian.Several flights make a minimum of one stop, in places such as Amman, Frankfurt and Cairo, and Barcelona. These stopovers may be overnight and will lengthen your journey, but it is worth it to get the cheapest price. Your flight will land in Aden International Airport, the second largest airport in Yemen, which is only six miles away from the city. The short journey into the city centre can be made by taxi or rental car, take time to research options beforehand to guarantee one best suited to you.

Cheap London - Aden Flights

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Sightseeing Aden 1 Socotra Island

On the east of the gulf is the small Socotra Island, a fascinating hidden treasure. The white sandy beaches are often empty so can be enjoyed freely as a place to escape and relax. The politics regarding women do not come as far as the island, so this will be a worthwhile experience for all members of your travel group.

2 Tourist Harbour

The pier is a beautiful place to take a relaxing stroll and enjoy the sights of the wide variety of boats that will pass by, from Supertankers to the small local boats known as sambuqs. Many tourists take this walk, so it may be busy.

3 Al-Aidrus Mosque

The culture in the town is so important to the citizens that it may be worthwhile checking out some of the town's mosques, such as Al-Aidrus. Built on 600 year old ruins, the architecture is as fascinating as the cultural history.

4 National Museum for Antiquities

The National Museum for Antiquities is open Saturday through to Thursday, and is a great day out to learn more about the culture of the city such as the exhibits on traditional dress and the early Islamic period.

5 Shopping in Aden

The Aden mall is a breath of fresh air bringing the town modern aspects. There are many shops for you to visit and the Hypermarket has a wide range of food products for you to browse.

Required travel documents for Yemen

Yemen is 3 hours ahead of GMT. You will need a passport and a visitor's visa to get in to Aden. Every visitor to Yemen receives a permit allowing them to stay for one month, if you are staying for less than this time; a departure permit is not needed.Yemeni culture forbids drinking alcohol in public, pork will not be available and there are certain ways in which women especially should be dressed. Respect these rules and dress modestly, it may be a holiday for you but you don't want to get into trouble for not doing your research!