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London Aguascalientes from £798

A direct flight between London and Aguascalientes takes 11 hours and 36 minutes. Many airports here connect to Aguascalientes, including London Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted, with most departures leaving from Heathrow. You have a choice of several airlines, including Aeromexico, American Airlines, United Airlines, Lufthansa, and British Airways. The online price comparison tool can be used to compare and arrange a cheap flight from the listed airlines. There is no direct flight between London and Aguascalientes currently available, so you will have to transfer from another city airport such as Mexico City, Paris, Frankfurt, and Houston. Flights which involve transferring from another city will add several extra hours onto your journey, however your travel costs will be lowered as a result. You will arrive at Lic. Jesús Terán Peredo International Airport, which will then take 56 minutes to reach the city centre. There are several travel options available to you, including car rentals, taxi hire, and an airport shuttle bus. A taxi costs around

Looking for a cheap London - Aguascalientes flight?

  • 1837

    London - Aguascalientes

    26/05/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 28h00
    02/06/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 23h00
    from £879.40
  • 1822

    London - Aguascalientes

    Air France
    11/06/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 21h00
    Air France
    18/06/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 18h00
    from £995.00
  • 1837

    London - Aguascalientes

    United Airlines
    26/05/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 18h00
    United Airlines
    02/06/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 17h00
    from £1,029.97
  • 1837

    London - Mexico City

    26/05/2017 Direct flight Duration n.c
    02/06/2017 1 stop(s) Duration 23h00
    from £1,035.68
  • 1597

    London - Aguascalientes

    27/07/2017 1 stop(s) Duration 14h42
    10/08/2017 1 stop(s) Duration 26h11
    from £1,117.27

Cheap London - Aguascalientes Flights

To travel between London and Aguascalientes at a low cost, Easyvoyage provides two major pieces of information: the calendar and the price history for London - Aguascalientes flights. These elements will allow you to analyse the cheapest London - Aguascalientes flights by departure date.

Sightseeing Aguascalientes 1 Valladolid Water Park

Escape the South American heat by visiting the local water park. The park is ideal for all ages of the family, as there are many open pools, slides, rafting, and adult only sections.

2 Templo de San Antonio

One of the most striking churches in Mexico, built in the 19th century. The church will no doubt be one of the must sees on your trip. The interior is elaborately decorated, with many gilded structures, artworks, and sculptures.

3 National Museum of Death

Located in the city centre, the national museum of death will be one of the more niche and strange attractions you will find in the city. The national interest in death dates back to the pre colonial era, and you can find many displays and English informational texts throughout the museum which focused around this cultural phenomenon.

4 Museo de Aguascalientes

The ideal place to see some local art, the Museo de Aguascalientes is an art museum in the heart of the city centre. The museum is designed in the classical style of ancient Rome. Inside you will find many various artworks, ranging to sculptures to paintings.

5 Woodstock Bar

Located in the trendy downtown district, this hipster bar has both an indoor and outdoor seating area. The interior is dominated by a fully grown tree, and there are often live music shows. Arrive early in the evening to make sure you get a seat, as this popular pub fills out quickly.

Required travel documents for Mexico

The time difference between London and Aguascalientes is 6 hours. As you will likely be travelling through a US airport, it would be ideal to have a biometric chip as US airport security can be strict. Try to avoid drinking the local water if you can, as a cholera outbreak has been recently happened. There is a high crime rate, however tourists are seldom the victim, as the most common crime targetting tourists is pickpocketing. Always remember to arrange a comprehensive travel insurance policy before departing for your trip.
There are many attractions in Mexico, as there are many cultural and historical sites throughout the country, as well as modern shopping districts.