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London Bejaia

A cheap flight to Bejaia from London will take you between 15 hours and 45 minutes, and 17 and a half hours. This flight will involve either two stopovers (most likely in Frankfurt or Marseille) or a single stopover in Algiers. Air France and Air Algerie are among the commonest airlines to fly with on this route. Your flight will probably depart from either London City or Heathrow airport, both of which are easy to reach as they lie on major motorway routes. Both airports are served by coaches and buses coming from all parts of the UK. An overground Heathrow Express train will take you to Heathrow from Paddington rail station in 15 minutes, and a Piccadilly underground train will get you to Heathrow from central London within an hour. Bejaia airport is a short drive from the town centre. To cut your journey time by a third, you can take a direct flight to Algiers airport from London (this cheap flight takes just under three hours), hire a car and drive to Bejaia in about three hours.

Cheap London - Bejaia Flights

To travel between London and Bejaia at a low cost, Easyvoyage provides two major pieces of information: the calendar and the price history for London - Bejaia flights. These elements will allow you to analyse the cheapest London - Bejaia flights by departure date.

Sightseeing Bejaia 1 The beaches

Bejaia is located right on the sunny Mediterranean coast, and it's beaches are perfect for paddling, bathing, exploring rock pools, and snorkelling amid shoals of colourful fish.

2 Djurdjura National Park

This breath-taking National Park is home to some amazing flora and fauna, most famously perhaps the Barbary Macaque, an endangered species. Explore its enchanting forests and exquisite grottoes as you follow one of the many beautiful hiking trails.

3 The Tell Atlas Mountains

These stunning mountains form a magical backdrop to the city, and you can spend a pleasant day hiking to the summit. You will be rewarded with inspiring views at the end of your trek.

4 The Soummam River

This rolling river is an unmistakable sight and one of the many beautiful natural attractions of the region. There are several superb walks that you can take along its banks in the warm sun.

5 The City Museum

This brilliant museum contains all that you need to learn about the fascinating, and sometimes very tumultuous, history of the city. A visit to this location is a must for everyone who loves culture and history.

Required travel documents for Algeria

British citizens travelling to Algeria will need to obtain a visa before travelling. Visas can be acquired from the Algerian Embassy in London. You won't be able to purchase a visa on arrival in the country. Visa applications can take up to 30 days to process, so make sure that you have made your application in good time before your cheap flight is scheduled to depart for Bejaia from London. You will also need to have at least six months of validity remaining on your passport from the date on which you enter the country. The time in Algeria is just one hour ahead of GMT. Arabic, French, and the Berber language are the languages most widely spoken in this country, however a fair proportion of the population also speak good English.
Take a flight to Bejaia to enjoy its amazing Mediterranean coastline, tall mountains, and the majestic Soummam River.