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London Bolzano

Getting from London to Bolzano is now possible by air, opening up the southern Alps to holidaymakers. Although flights only operate from Rome to Bolzano at the moment, a cheap flight from London to Rome can cut costs. British Airways and Alitalia fly into Rome, although only Darwin Airlines offer a flight to Bolzano.Shuttle buses operate from the terminal when flights arrive, and the journey should not take more than half an hour, but taxis are also available to ferry visitors to their hotels. Expect to pay around 20 for the trip, and ask for a quote beforehand if arriving in the evening.

Cheap London - Bolzano Flights

To travel between London and Bolzano at a low cost, Easyvoyage provides two major pieces of information: the calendar and the price history for London - Bolzano flights. These elements will allow you to analyse the cheapest London - Bolzano flights by departure date.

Sightseeing Bolzano 1 Visit Otzi the Iceman

Otzi is a local celebrity who few visitors will want to miss. Dug out of the Alpine ice, Otzi is many thousands of years old, with superbly preserved clothes, making him almost unique in the world of archaeology. The museum also has many other fascinating artifacts from the nearby area.

2 Visit Castel Roncolo

With its dramatic position, the Castel Roncolo is a breathtaking sight. You will have to climb to reach the castle, which stands on a rocky outcrop near the city, but the effort is easily worthwhile, if only for the frescoes inside which depict the legends of King Arthur amongst other tales.

3 Learn about the mountains at the Messner Museum

Another short climb away, Bolzano is home to the Messner Mountain Museum, which is also housed in a castle (the Castel Firmiano). Learn about the history of mountaineering by climbing cleverly designed galleries (it's more fun than it sounds), and most people will leave feeling inspired.

4 Rent a bike!

Bolzano is a city which adores cycling. Although many visitors will struggle with the mountains high above, the city is easy to cycle around, and a bike hire outlet can be found near the city's main train station. Rental costs less than a pound for six hours, making it easily the cheapest way to get around. Don't forget to bring ID as a deposit though.

5 Ride the cable car into the mountains

Even if they are not taking to the pistes, visitors should not miss the chance to ride the 'funivia' into the heavens. Get an idea of how inextricably linked the city is to the mountains and take some superb holiday photos in the process.

Required travel documents for Italy

Italy is an hour ahead of the UK and drives on the right hand side. It is also an EU member, taking a lot of the stress out of arriving. Visas are not necessary, but visitors should apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to ensure that they have appropriate health cover (www.nhs.uk/EHIC?).
Bolzano is one of the great cities of the Alpine region. Skiers will love its closeness to the slopes, while summertime is perfect for a hike and mountain bike ride. But the city offers much more, from nightlife to unique archaeological exhibits.