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London Dakar

Dakar is just over 2700 miles from London and the flight time from London - Dakar is around seven and a half hours. Based on the airline you choose to fly with, the departing airport will either be Gatwick, Heathrow or London city, however, most flights depart from Heathrow. Although there are often deals offered in the windows of many travel agencies, the best place to find a cheap flight from London -Dakar is on the internet. A flight between London and Dakar will often make a stop at either Paris or Lisbon and this will extent the length of journey by around an hour or two. There are direct flights as well, however they cost a little more. Getting to the airports in London is most easily accomplished by taxi, however, this is considerably more expensive than hopping on the bus or train. Heathrow Express departs from Paddington station every 15 minutes and the journey to London Heathrow also takes around 15 minutes. After arriving in Dakar from London, the best way into the city is by taxi, a journey which will cost around 3000 francs (£4).

Cheap London - Dakar Flights

To travel between London and Dakar at a low cost, Easyvoyage provides two major pieces of information: the calendar and the price history for London - Dakar flights. These elements will allow you to analyse the cheapest London - Dakar flights by departure date.

Sightseeing Dakar 1 la Maison des Esclaves

This sad part of history is a well known tourist point in Dakar as over 20 million African slaves passed through this old processing centre before deportation.

2 Les Mamelles

Translating to 'the breasts', these two hills provide mesmerising views of the city and the Atlantic ocean and is just one more reason to book a flight between London and Dakar.

3 Le Renaissance Afriquaine

Marking 50 years of Senegalese independence, this statue is taller than the Statue of Liberty and cost £17m to build. Regarded as a waste of money and presidential vanity by religious groups throughout Senegal, this statue has been causing controversy throughout the country since 2010 but is certainly worth a visit.

4 Just 4 U

This bar is very popular in Dakar and hosts musical legends like Omar Pene and his orchestra who frequently bless the room with Cuban influenced Senegalese numbers. Set on a patio, this bar attracts a wealthy clientele who enjoy the laid back atmosphere this place provides.

5 Léopold Sédar Senghor

This 60,000 capacity football stadium is often vibrant and full of life. Home to Dakar's biggest football squad ASC Jeanne D'Arc, this stadium is often alive with the sound of music.

Required travel documents for Senegal

Senegal is in the same time zone as GMT so there is no need to alter watches when travelling from London - Dakar. No special visas are required for entry into Senagal if you are holding a British passport, however, you must make sure your passport will be valid for at least another three months after arriving in Dakar from London. Once in Dakar, you will enter into a world filled with music. Wherever you go, your ears will be massaged with a rainbow of genres ranging from Cuban Salsa to Reggae and everything in between such as Funk and Latin dance. There are also many amazing sights to see in this beautiful city and so a cheap flight from London -Dakar is worth every penny!