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London Eilat

The flight from London to Eilat takes at least 16 hours. Flights are available with a number of operators such as British Airways and Air Berlin. Depending on the airline you choose to fly with, your airport for departure will be either London City or Heathrow. Many cheap flights from London to Eilat are available, however be sure to check our price comparison tool to find the best deal! There are no direct flights between London and Eilat because of the flight distance and air corridors. A flight between London and Eilat will involve at least one stopover on route, most commonly to European or Middle Eastern cities like Zurich and Tel Aviv. The majority of flights from London to Eilat will involve two stopovers though and these detours will increase overall travel time to between 17 and 35 hours. Buses and trains operate frequent trips to Heathrow and all other airports in the British capital. Upon your arrival in Eilat, you will be able to board the regular shuttle bus to your final destination. The airport is located in the centre of the city and you will be able to access all hotels and amenities quickly.

Cheap London - Eilat Flights

To travel between London and Eilat at a low cost, Easyvoyage provides two major pieces of information: the calendar and the price history for London - Eilat flights. These elements will allow you to analyse the cheapest London - Eilat flights by departure date.

Sightseeing Eilat 1 Red Canyon

Situated a half hour drive away from the city, these terrific canyons can still be accessed by walking, a journey that will take an hour or two. The canyon trail itself is only 1 km long and offers a mesmerising collection of colours within the rocks and sand.

2 Dolphin Reef

Situated on the shores of the Red Sea, visitors can come to this preserve and swim with the Bottlenose dolphins in their natural surroundings.

3 Ice Space

This shopping complex is built around an ice rink and offers plenty for tourists. As well as the various shops and cafes, you can gaze upon the many ice sculptures or take to the ice yourself.

4 Princess Beach

With a backdrop of magnificent mountains, this beach is located perfectly within beautiful surroundings and conveniently within range of amenities.

5 Timna National Park

Ancient copper mines lie at the centre of these valleys which are surrounded by yellow sandstone mountains. Trips around this natural location will allow you to view artifacts such as Solomon's Pillars.

Required travel documents for Israel

Practical Info Israel is 3 hours ahead of GMT during standard daylight time. Anyone travelling with a British passport will be allowed to travel through this country legally for 90 days without a visa. Since the beginning of 2013, visitors are now given an entry card instead of a stamp in their passports - be sure to keep it safe as this is proof of your legal entry into Israel! Hebrew and Arabic are the most common languages used in Israel and the currency used is the Israeli New Sheckel.Travelling to this Israeli city located on the northern tip of the Red Sea will allow you to soak up the 30 degree heat and unwind in a middle eastern cauldron of culture. Deserts, beaches and the nightlife here are just a few of the exciting and unique aspects which must be experienced by all.