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London Freeport from £849

Direct flights from London to Freeport are rare and one should expect to spend a full day and night travelling, with stopovers in the United States. The flight from London to Freeport may include stops at airports in New York, Miami or Philadelphia. Some airlines require at least two transfers. American Airlines offers several routes for the trip from London and tourists may plan their trip so that they can sight-see while waiting for a connecting flight. A cheap flight to Freeport will start at Heathrow airport, which is easily accessible from London and the surrounding area. Heathrow is well-serviced by trains, buses and taxis. The first flight from London to a connecting city is seven to nine hours long, depending on the city. The flight from the United States to Freeport will take about three hours. Transportation from Freeport's airport will be by taxi, bus or car rental. If taking a taxi, negotiate a flat rate with the driver before accepting service.

Best Prices for a Flight ticket London - Freeport: Selection by airline companies

  • JetBlue Airways

    London Freeport

    Thu 13 Oct - Thu 03 Nov

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  • JetBlue Airways

    London Freeport

    Thu 13 Oct - Thu 03 Nov

Cheap London - Freeport Flights

To travel between London and Freeport at a low cost, Easyvoyage provides two major pieces of information: the calendar and the price history for London - Freeport flights. These elements will allow you to analyse the cheapest London - Freeport flights by departure date.

Sightseeing Freeport 1 Peterson Cay

As a small national park, Peterson Cay is a protected area of ocean and a small island that offers extraordinary snorkelling opportunities. The coral reef surrounding the island is home to many species of tropical fish. Peterson Cay is only accessible by boat. Local tour guides can bring visitors on day trips. Boats are also available on the mainland for private rental.

2 Count Basie Square

Count Basie Square is the site for public events and free entertainment. Bands play music in the square every Friday and Saturday night. Throughout the year, family-friendly special events are held at the square. While enjoying the music, stop in for a drink or a snack at the local bars that surround the square.

3 Garden of Groves

This beautiful park is home to a lush and breath-taking landscape. Stop in for incredible photo opportunities.

4 Barbary Beach

This popular wedding spot is considered the Bahamas' most beautiful beach. Horseback riding and kayaking are popular sports in Barbary. Photographers and science buffs will enjoy the tidal pools and their specimens in the rocky section of beach.

5 Rand Memorial Nature Centre

Colourful and exotic birds gather in this 100 acre nature reserve. Birdwatchers and amateur botanists will love the variety of birds and trees found in the park.

Required travel documents for Bahamas

Entry requirements to the Bahamas can vary with citizenship. Generally, one requires a valid passport, a return ticket, hotel reservation and proof that the traveller has sufficient funds for their visit. A visa may be required for citizens of some countries and it's best to check individual requirements before purchasing airline tickets.Weather in the Bahamas is usually warm and humid; however it can occasionally get very cold. Travellers in winter should be sure to bring a warm set of clothes along with their typical beach and sunshine clothing.
There are plenty of sites to see in the Bahamas, from pristine beaches and ocean cruises to lush botanical gardens, Freeport astounds tourists with its natural beauty.