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London Fort Dauphin

The flight between London and Fort Dauphin takes around 16 hours or more. Flights leave from London Heathrow in the evening and arrive in Johannesburg the next morning. A connecting flight takes you to Antananarivo on Madagascar where you board your final flight to Fort Dauphin. Your final destination airport is known alternately as Marillac or Tolanaro Airport.South African Airways operate the flights to and from Johannesburg with the internal Madagascar flight being operated by Air Madagascar. If you want to get a cheap flight it's best to search for deals well in advance.The Heathrow Express is the quickest way to get to Heathrow from central London. Taxis are available from Marillac Airport into town. The route takes about seven minutes by car. Anyone seeking to rent a car will be pleased to learn that they will be able to drive on the right hand side of the road. There are also tour operators in the local area that run trips to all the major tourist destinations as well as to some hidden gems.

Cheap London - Fort Dauphin Flights

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Sightseeing Fort Dauphin 1 Pic Saint Louis

This 529m high peak offers an excellent view of Fort Duphin and the spectacular surrounding environment. There are two routes to the top with the shorter, steeper one taking about an hour and a half and the longer, easier route between two and three hours.

2 Nahampoana Nature Reserve

For a lot of people lemurs are the first thing they think of when they think of Madagascar. This reserve hosts four different species of lemur as well as a wide variety of local plants.

3 Libanona Beach

The most secure of Fort Dauphin's main tourist beaches, Libanona beach is perfect if you want to work on your tan.

4 Chez Georges

Located next to Libanona Beach, Chez Georges offers a delectable range of seafood among other dishes. Well worth a visit if sunbathing has left you with an appetite. The restaurant has great views over the beach.

5 Sainte Luce

This village is situated amongst coconut trees adjacent to a sandy beach. It makes for a spectacular day trip away from Fort Dauphin and includes a museum commemorating the arrival of some of the earliest French settlers on the island.

Required travel documents for Madagascar

Fort Dauphin is three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. It doesn't operate any kind of daylight savings time. The Foreign Office advises visitors to travel with established tour operators that are able to use their local knowledge to avoid dangerous situations. There have been periods of unrest in Madagascar in the recent past and there are parts of the country which the Foreign Office advises against visiting.
Located in the deep Southeast of the island, Fort Dauphin is a charming destination with colonial architecture, sandy beaches and nearby mountains and forests. If you like to mix a little history in with your sunshine holiday then it might well be the place for you.