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London Agartala from £595

It takes over 15 hours to make the flight to Agartala from London. This might seem like a long stretch to be in the air for, but it does include two stopovers. You will usually change flights in either Dubai and Kolkata or Mumbai and Kolkata, but this varies according to which airlines you choose to fly from. If you can be flexible with your travel dates and stopover locations, this could help you to find a cheap flight. Airlines that fly this route include Emirates, Air India, British Airways, Jet Airways and Qatar Airways. Your flight is most likely to leave from London Heathrow Airport, which is easy to get to from most towns and cities in the UK. On getting to your destination, you will touch down at Agartala Airport, which is just seven miles away from the city centre. You can either hire an auto rickshaw or a taxi to take you into Agartala, or you can take a private bus.

Best Prices for a Flight ticket London - Agartala: Selection by airline companies

  • Air India

    London Agartala

    Thu 19 Jan - Fri 03 Feb

Looking for a cheap London - Agartala flight?

  • Air India

    London Agartala

    Thu 19 Jan - Fri 03 Feb

  • Ryanair LTD

    London Agartala

    Mon 22 Aug - Sat 03 Sep

  • Air India

    London Agartala

    Fri 12 Aug - Fri 19 Aug

Cheap London - Agartala Flights

To travel between London and Agartala at a low cost, Easyvoyage provides two major pieces of information: the calendar and the price history for London - Agartala flights. These elements will allow you to analyse the cheapest London - Agartala flights by departure date.

Sightseeing Agartala 1 Ujjayanta Palace

This stunning structure is undoubtedly one of the finest sights in all of the city. This striking whitewashed, dome-roofed palace is surrounded by two big ponds. While its definitely more impressive from the outside, you can turn up between 2.30 and 3 p.m. daily to have a tour of the interior. Turn up at night when the palace is lit up and looks simply spectacular.

2 Jagannath Mandir

Jagannath Mandir is one of four Hindu temples that can be found close to the Ujjayanta Palace. Of the four, this is certainly the most impressive. Whether you're a fan of architecture or are interested in the Hindu religion, this temple is definitely worth a visit.

3 Tripura Government Museum

Although only a relatively small museum, you can find some largely interesting exhibits here. There are tribal displays, ancient musical instruments and a range of other artifacts relating to the history of the area. Out back you can see a number of royal mausoleums.

4 Unakoti

Not far outside the city, you will find an ancient place of worship, once used by Shaivite followers. It's quite a trek over hilly terrain, but it's worth it to see large stone idols and images of Lord Shiva cut into the rock.

5 Venuban Vihar Buddha Shrine

Anyone interested in Buddhism might like to visit Venuban Vihar Buddha Shrine. A metal idol of Lord Buddha is housed within. Visit during Buddha Poornima to witness some impressive celebrations.

Required travel documents for India

The currency used in India is the rupee. Try to change some money before you leave for your destination, as this will get you the best rates. However, avoid airport money exchange bureaus as they have a captive audience and offer poor rates. You will need to have a visa to enter India as a tourist, and you will only be allowed to stay in the country for a maximum of six consecutive months. There may be a small fee to pay in order to have the visa issued to you. The time in the city is five and a half hours ahead of that in London, so you might have a bit of jetlag for a couple of days on arriving.