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London Jinzhou

There are currently no direct flights connecting London to Jinzhou; however there are various options including at least one stopover. China Southern offers a cheap flight with a stop in Guangzhou; many airlines service this route with a flight that includes two stopovers, such as Air China (Beijing and Qingdao), Aeroflot (Moscow and Shanghai), China Eastern (Rome and Shanghai) and Air France (Amsterdam and Hangzhou). Travel times to the final destinations vary and can be between 27 and 40 hours.The departure airport in London depends on your ticket, but you will depart from Heathrow, Gatwick or City. All flights land at Jinzhou's Xiaolingzi Airport. All London airports are easily accessible with a number of transport options available, bus, taxi, train and underground (the latter only available for Heathrow). Travel time may vary, depending on both the airport and the mode of transport, between 20 and 80 minutes. Once you land at Jinzhou, you can reach the city centre, which is only 4 miles away, by taxi.

Cheap London - Jinzhou Flights

To travel between London and Jinzhou at a low cost, Easyvoyage provides two major pieces of information: the calendar and the price history for London - Jinzhou flights. These elements will allow you to analyse the cheapest London - Jinzhou flights by departure date.

Sightseeing Jinzhou 1 Wenya Museum

One of the main attractions in the city is this large dinosaur fossil exhibition, which houses the remains of many dinosaurs unique to this area.

2 The mountains

Mount Bijia is an incredible natural site: usually only accessible by boat, a natural bridge emerges to connect it to the mainland when the sea recedes. Yiwulü Mountain, close to the city centre, is one of three sacred mountains in the northeast of China.

3 Traditional temples and parks

Within the city and the surrounding mountains are temples, parks and pagodas which are a must-see in Jinzhou. Examples of these include the thirteen-level Guangji Pagoda in Guta Park, the Beizhen Temple, the Guanyin Pavilion and the Wanghai Temple.

4 Local cuisine

A visit to northeast China would be incomplete without a sample of its cuisine, which differs considerably from that of the more notorious southern Chinese. Wheat is the main crop, and specialties include pork dumplings, cumin lamb and pickled food.

5 Other cities in Liaoning

You can get out of the city and visit other interesting places in the region, such as Chaoyang, known as Fossil City, Dalian (famous for its beaches and zoological parks) and Shenyang, the region's largest city.

Required travel documents for China

If you intend to travel to China, you should remember two key pieces of information, namely visa requirements and the time differences between countries. British citizens should apply for a Chinese tourist visa before landing in China at the Embassy, and present that at the border alongside a valid (preferably biometric) passport. Jinzhou is 8 hours ahead of London, therefore you may need some time to adapt to the local time zone, and jetlag might be an issue at the start of your stay.
Located in the northeast of China, Jinzhou is a major economic centre in the Liaoning region, and has some remarkable sights on offer for tourists, ranging from dinosaur fossils, to pagodas and spectacular mountains.