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London Leros

Leros is around 1500 miles away from the city of London, meaning a flight from London to Leros lasts just under 4 hours. Flights are available with a number of airlines such as Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air and all flights from London to Leros depart from Heathrow Airport. The best way to get a good deal on prices, is to compare flights online. The flight between London and Leros will most often involve a stopover at another European airport on route. Depending on the airline you book with, your detour will take you to either Rhodes, Kos or Athens before continuing on to Leros. Sometimes you may detour to the city of Frankfurt. A taxi ride is the easiest way to Heathrow airport, however, this may be expensive if they are running on a meter. The Heathrow Express departs from Paddington station for the airport every 15 minutes with buses and the Underground also servicing the route from the centre of London. The airport on this Greek island is only a few miles from the town and a taxi will take around 15 minutes.

Cheap London - Leros Flights

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Sightseeing Leros 1 Agia Marina

This old sea side settlement joined with the largest settlement on the island, Platanos, and is located between the slopes of two mountains. Well paved streets and quaint white houses combine to paint a peaceful setting for anyone passing through this intriguing town.

2 Mplefoutis

Situated in a small bay on the north coast of the island, this small settlement is surrounded by plenty of greenery and offers a tranquil atmosphere to anyone coming here. It is much quieter than many other tourist resorts on the island and offers a peaceful holiday for visitors.

3 Paliocastro

This is the oldest castle on the island and is located on a hill above Xirocampos. The inside features remains of a mosaic which has lasted until the present day. Many archaeologists believe the walls inside this castle are Cyclopean, opinions which are based on the immense weight of the stones.

4 Agia Kioura

This church is situated behind the beautiful blue bay of Partheni. Icons are painted on the inside of this chapel and were inspired by political prisoners during the Greek dictatorship many years ago.

5 War Museum

Built in the tunnels constructed and used by the Italians in the second World War, this museum is enough to fascinate anyone with an interest in history. This museum houses some fascinating exhibits and is maintained to an immaculate condition.

Required travel documents for Greece

Leros is 2 hours ahead of London GMT during standard time. For stays of a duration of up to three months, a visa is not required for British citizens, however, make sure your passport is valid for at least six months from the day of your departure. The currency on the Greek islands is the Euro.After your flight from London to Leros, you will no doubt want to drop your things and have fun. There is plenty to do here for adults and children and many sights to explore from the rich natural scenery to myriad ancient relics.