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London Paris

There are around 26 flights from London - Paris every day. Airlines such as Easyjet, British Airways and Airfrance all make regular journeys to Paris from London and a flight between London and Paris lasts roughly one hour and twenty minutes. Flights are direct to Paris from London and there are usually no stopover points as these cities are very close to each other. A cheap flight from London - Paris will usually depart from either Heathrow or Luton and will often land at Orly airport in Paris. From here, the best way into the city is by shuttle or taxi. From Orly, a shuttle train will cost less than 10 Euros and the journey to the station at Notre Dame will last around 40 minutes. As Paris is a busy place, a taxi will take around the same amount of time but will cost between 20 and 40 Euros.

Best Prices for a Flight ticket London - Paris: Selection by airline companies

  • Easyjet

    London Paris

    Tue 20 Sep - Wed 28 Sep

  • Ryanair LTD

    London Paris

    Wed 05 Oct - Sat 08 Oct

Cheap London - Paris Flights

To travel between London and Paris at a low cost, Easyvoyage provides two major pieces of information: the calendar and the price history for London - Paris flights. These elements will allow you to analyse the cheapest London - Paris flights by departure date.

Sightseeing Paris 1 Eiffel Tower

Standing at 300 metres, this nineteenth century construction was once the tallest building in the world. It's one of the most iconic landmarks in Europe and took over two years to build.

2 Moulin Rouge

In the nineteenth century, this establishment caused much controversy in France as many Parisians considered it to be quite vulgar. However, today the Moulin Rouge is a popular tourist attraction and has been host to cabaret shows which attract an upper class clientele.

3 Notre Dame Cathedral

This landmark has always been an icon of religious importance as many religious groups from the Romans to the Celts have built upon this site. Constructed in a Gothic style, this cathedral is a must see for tourists.

4 Louvre Museum

Regarded as the worlds most famous museum and art gallery, the Louvre was originally a royal palace. A large percentage of the art collection was owned by the 16th century French monarch Francis I. The Louvre is also home to the famous Mona Lisa.

5 Pont Neuf

One of the most well known bridges in Paris, Pont Neuf is also regarded as one of the city's most beautiful bridges. It was constructed after the monarch at the time had concerns for the stability of other bridges in Paris as they were heavily used. It has been a setting in many Hollywood blockbusters and is an eye opener for any tourist crossing it.

Required travel documents for France

France is 1 hour ahead of the UK. For British passport holders, there should be no problems when travelling from London - Paris. Travelling within the EU does not usually warrant a stamp on passports either so there's no cause for concern when taking a flight between London and Paris. Paris is renowned as the city of love but even if you are travelling here with family or friends, this is still a very exciting city to explore. The cuisine is second to none and the sights in Paris are mesmerising; all well worth the price of a cheap flight from London - Paris.