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London Bornholm

Travellers from the UK can easily make the journey between London and Bornholm, although they will have to transfer via Copenhagen. Nevertheless, by searching on price comparison websites they should be able to find a cheap flight on the route, which takes around 5 hours with a quick transfer. Many airlines operate the London to Copenhagen route, including British Airways, Lufthansa and KLM, but the only carrier running a flight to Bornholm is Danish Air Transport.After the flight, the airport is conveniently located, being a few miles south of the capital Ronne. Taxis will be on hand when the plane lands, and the average fare into town is £6, although a good bus service exists.

Cheap London - Bornholm Flights

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Sightseeing Bornholm 1 Visit the town of Svaneke

Located on the eastern tip of the island, Svaneke is a well-preserved old fishing port, with timber frame houses and atmospheric narrow streets. Sights include a water tower designed by world-famous architect Jorn Utzon, the 12th century St. Ib's Church, the bright red town church and several charming windmills.

2 Visit the island's art museum

The splendid Kunstmuseum hosts paintings from the homegrown "Bornholm School" and is also located on a headland with superb sea views. It's great way to explore the heritage of the island, and to enjoy the pure sea air. Note that it's not open on Mondays.

3 Enjoy a round of golf

The island may not be huge, but it has four fine golf courses that are open to the public. It may not be St. Andrews, but with great beer and charming locals, the island is perfectly suitable destination for a golfing holiday. Fans of Links courses should check out the Dueodde Course, while the parkland course at Ronne offers a different set of challenges.

4 Tour the island's round churches

Bornholm is famous in Denmark for the beauty of its churches. The island is studded with captivating buildings that make for a great tour by bicycle or car. Check out the round churches at Nyker, Nylars, Olsker and Østerlars to experience a little bit of traditional Denmark. The frescoes inside the Nylarks Round Church are particularly worth seeing.

5 Visit a reconstructed medieval village

For a touch of history, the medieval centre at Osterlars is a great example of reconstruction. Between March and October, visitors can see medieval houses, churches and costumes, for a real taste of folk life.

Required travel documents for Denmark

Being part of Denmark, the island of Bornholm is easy for UK nationals to visit and no visa is required. However, travellers from the UK should make sure that they have secured a free EHIC card via the NHS, which entitles them to health care in the EU (www.nhs.uk/EHIC). Aside from that the time difference is 1 hour.
Bornholm exists in something of a timewarp, with beautiful old Danish churches scattered across the island and charming port towns which breathe an air of relaxation. But there is plenty to do, including some great beaches and sports activities.