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London Sal Island

Travelling between London and Sal Island in Cape Verde can be affordable, provided that you find a cheap flight via an online price comparison site. The island's airport is served by Thomson Airways and Hi-Fly, both of which fly out of London Gatwick and can take under 6 hours. No stops are required, although visitors can travel via Paris or Lisbon to find cheaper deals.After the flight, Amilcar Cabral Airport is very close to Sal Island's main city, Espargos. Resorts around the coast are also easily accessible via bus or taxi cabs and many will provide a minibus on request.

Cheap London - Sal Island Flights

To travel between London and Sal Island at a low cost, Easyvoyage provides two major pieces of information: the calendar and the price history for London - Sal Island flights. These elements will allow you to analyse the cheapest London - Sal Island flights by departure date.

Sightseeing Sal Island 1 Go swimming at the Buracona Pool

Wedged in between the mountains and the sea, the dramatic pool at Buracona is heaven for scuba divers, with a network of underwater tunnels to explore. Sheltered from the wilder ocean waters outside, it is a beautiful cavernous retreat.

2 Try some deep sea fishing

The waters off Sal Island are full of large fish such as tuna, wahoo and sea bream. Local fishermen have set up a lucrative business in guiding tourists to the best fishing spots. A great way to enjoy an afternoon in the sun, showing off those angling skills and landing a catch for your evening meal.

3 Surf the waves

The energy of the Atlantic Ocean propels some pretty impressive waves towards the coast of Sal Island, making it an appealing destination for surfers. Riu Beach and Santa Maria Beach, on the island's south-eastern corner, have great surf shops and tuition available to show beginners the ropes. Kitesurfing is also available.

4 Explore the depths of the ocean

Sal Island is also a world-class diving centre and an ideal spot to take the introductory PADI course. Atlantic currents ensure that the waters are rich with wildlife, while the largely unexploited islands are recognised for their eco-tourism potential.

5 Visit the salt pans of Pedra de Lume

Sal gets its name from the production of salt, the former backbone of the islanders' livelihoods. Nowadays the salt pans are inactive, but sites like the volcanic crater of Pedra de Lume make for a fascinating visit to learn about the island's industrial past and see the beautiful landscapes which remain.

Required travel documents for Cape Verde

Cape Verde is just one hour behind the UK. All travellers will require a visa. Although these can be secured on arrival, it is best to arrange them before leaving. Travel insurance is recommended, as is a visit to your GP before your flight to ensure that you have all necessary vaccinations.
Sal Island is a safe and beautiful island with plenty of sunshine and warm turquoise waters. There are historical sites to explore, charming countryside and the island's population has a generally hospitable to visitors. The insignificant time difference with the UK is also attractive.