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London Tulear

The time for a direct flight between London Antananarivo is usually just under 13 hours and 40 minutes. Air Mauritius is the most common carrier for the international flights, though both Air France and South African Airways also operate between London and Tulear. There are several flights to this destination each month. Almost all flights between London and Tulear will make a stopover in Mauritius. Depending how long your stopover in Mauritius is, your total travel time could be anything from 17 to 24 hours.Most flights will depart from Heathrow Airport, though a few leave from Gatwick. Both of these airports are easily accessible by road. In addition, both offer express train and bus services from central London which can take as little as 15 minutes to reach the airport. Tulear is served internationally by Antananarivo airport. On arrival at Antananarivo, a short local plane ride will take you to Tulear airport from where you can reach your onward destination by taxi.

Cheap London - Tulear Flights

To travel between London and Tulear at a low cost, Easyvoyage provides two major pieces of information: the calendar and the price history for London - Tulear flights. These elements will allow you to analyse the cheapest London - Tulear flights by departure date.

Sightseeing Tulear 1 Arboretum d'Antsokay

A short bus ride of 8 miles from the town centre, the Arboretum d'Antsokay is an oasis of peace and it will delight botanists both young and old! Showcasing the glorious flora of the southwest of Madagascar this is an unforgettable place to visit.

2 The Tombs

The majestic looking rectangular tombs of King Baba and several military figures can be found about an hour's drive from the town centre. Marvel at the curious array of funeral gifts and other artefacts scattered around the tombs.

3 Musée de la Mer

This maritime museum is a real treasure. It contains the only specimen of a prehistoric coelacanth fish in the whole of Madagascar. Free to enter, this museum is a great way to spend the afternoon.

4 The market.

Bustling and alive with delicious smells, this is a brilliant place to go for some freshly cooked lunch and perhaps to purchase a couple of souvenirs.

5 Le Tapis Malgache

An excellent place to buy an authentic souvenir or two! This carpet showroom contains some absolutely gorgeous traditional mohair carpets.

Required travel documents for Madagascar

The time difference between London and Tulear is two hours. Travellers from the UK will need a passport that is valid for at least six months when entering Madagascar. Tourist visas that are valid for up to thirty days can then be picked up on arrival at Antananarivo airport. Travellers are also required by law to show that they have a return flight booked when they arrive in Madagascar.It is advisable to travel with a holiday firm or tour guiding company when visiting Tulear so most travellers will have a tour bus or similar vehicle to take them the short distance from the airport to the town centre and other attractions in this region of Madagascar after their flight. There are other options for getting around the town and a traditional rickshaw ride is not to be missed!