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Manchester Aden

The flight between Manchester and Aden takes around 14 - 20 hours, depending on how many stops ar required on your journey. All airlines depart from Manchester Airport and there are variety of departure times throughout the day, with most flights leaving between mid afternoon and early evening. There are usually about ten airlines operating flights to Aden from Manchester at any given time. You can get an idea of your options and find a cheap flight deal using an online flight comparison tool.There are no direct flights and all journeys will make either one or two stops, typically in Doha or Sana'a, or both. Routes with two stops unnecessarily lengthen your journey time without reducing the cost of your ticket. All airlines land at Aden International Airport, the nearest to the city. It takes around 10-20 minutes to reach the city centre, which is 6 miles away from the airport, by taxi.It's worth negotiating your taxi fare in advance for the best deal.

Cheap Manchester - Aden Flights

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Sightseeing Aden 1 Beaches

A sea port, Aden has many beautiful beaches. Gold Mohur Beach is a particular favourite among tourists and locals alike, where you can enjoy activities such as swimming, snorkelling and diving. For women who wish to sunbathe by themselves, there is a female-only beach close to the Sheraton Hotel.

2 Mountains

The city is marked on one side by mountains, lined with popular hiking routes from which you can enjoy breathtaking views of the whole city and beyond. Bring your own equipment or rent some in the town.

3 Fishing

This is the ideal destination in Yemen for those who love to fish. This is a very popular activity in the city and you will find plenty of bait shops and the like to help you get set up. Down by the coast you can catch tuna to cook for your supper, with there even being small sharks.

4 Museums

The city boasts both the National Museum of Yemen and a Military Museum. In these museums you can learn about Yemen's complex history and military triumphs, and the city's vital importance as a shipping port over the years. Note that most information is in Arabic, so you may struggle to understand the detail.

5 Qat

Join the locals in the Yemeni national pastime of chewing Qat. Qat refers to the leaf of a native plant, which, when chewed, acts as a mild natural stimulant, similar to caffeine.

Required travel documents for Yemen

Aden is three hours ahead of Manchester. British passport holders will need a visa to enter Yemen: this must be obtained through your agent or from the Yemeni embassy in London at least two weeks before you travel. You will also need a passport with at least six months remaining from the date you arrive. Biometric passports will get you through customs quicker.A visit to Aden, Yemen's main port city, is bound to be interesting and exciting. The city has much to offer visitors in terms of scenery, culture and a vibrant atmosphere. Be sure to manage your time effectively so you can fit in a day trip to the capital city of Sana'a.