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Flights to Bhutan

The quickest flight from London to Bhutan will take just over 10 hours. These flights always involve stopovers, in places such as Mumbai. You have a number of options when it comes to choosing the airline that you fly with as you leave the UK, with British Airways for instance departing several times a week for this destination. Druk Airlines operates all of the onward flights into Paro airport, which handles international flights into the country. Depending on which airline you fly with and which stopover destination you choose, flights can be several hours longer than the minimum journey time. Choose a longer stopover if you would like to spend time in another country before heading onwards to Bhutan. Compare and find a flight to Bhutan and you can enjoy some wonderful festivals and other cultural events at any time of year. Find the cheapest flight to Bhutan by trying different departure dates and booking your journey as soon as possible in advance as you can.

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Bhutan Agenda -Find all practical information

22-24 February: Nomad Festival. Each year, the Nomad Festival celebrates the nation's nomadic communities. Come and taste traditional foods and drinks and try your hand at nomadic cooking and crafts.31 March: Sakteng Festival. Situated in Sakteng 3000 metres above sea level, this annual festival is hosted by the Brokpas people, who bring visitors a wonderful few days of dance, colour, music, and wine. 31 October - 5 November: Jakar Tsechu festival. Colourful masks, traditional dances, dragon imagery and sermons from Buddhist monks mark the birth of the great Saint who gave the nation Buddhism. There are several Tsechu festivals going on at different districts around this time, and the celebration at Jakar is one of the most vibrant and popular.11 November: Black Necked Crane Festival. When black necked cranes arrive each year in the Gangtey Valley, they fly in a circle around the monastery as if they are paying their respects. The annual Black Necked Crane Festival celebrates this event with song, music, and stories.13 December: Dochula Druk Wangyel Festival. This festival takes place on the same date each year in the scenic location of the Dochula Pass, to celebrate the region's military strength.

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