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Flights to Biarritz from £26

Biarritz is a small city on the Bay of Biscay, in the French part of the Basque Country, in the southwest of France. It is a beautiful seaside holiday destination, and is particularly famous for its surfing tradition and surfing competitions. The city has a great cultural heritage, visible in the many museums it has, despite being relatively small: the Museum of the Sea (with aquariums with seals and sharks), the Chocolate Museum and the Asiatica Oriental Art Museum are the city's most well-known. In addition to this, every year the city holds the Biarritz Surf Festival, one of Europe's and the world's best events. The city's main beach is the Grand Plage, where you can enjoy the sea, and there are many others, fit for surfing. Biarritz is famous for its local thalassotherapy (a spa treatment using sea water and seaweed), and there are many spas and centers in the city. The city's airport has connections with cities in France (Paris, Marseille and Lyon), and European cities, which increase substantially in the summer, including: London, Brussels, Copenhagen and Strasbourg. If you're searching for a cheap flight from London, you can find one using our online flight comparison tool to find and buy the preferred option.

Flight destination: Biarritz

Biarritz city centre is well-connected to the airport, by taxi and bus. The journey into the city takes around 20 minutes. Once in the city, tourists do not have the option of a comprehensive tourist card. Nevertheless, the city's Tourism Office has a website and information points in the city giving plenty of information on things to see and do, including where to eat, how to get around the city and what leisure and entertainment facilities are available.You can take surf lessons and enjoy thalassotherapy during your time in the city. Enjoy the local cuisine, traditionally Basque (it is very close to Spain), with fish food being its main offering, with many small fish restaurants on the coast.If you want to see more of the Basque Country, you can take a bus to San Sebastian, in Spain, and the nearby cities of Bayonne and Anglet. A flight and trains will take you to the rest of France, if you w antto see more of the country, with connections to cities such as Lyon, Paris and Marseille.

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