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Flights to Bremen from £58

A former member of the medieval Hanseatic league, Bremen is still one of Germany's most important hubs for business and commerce. The city is also a wonderful place to visit and with a cheap flight, it's possible to reach it quickly and easily from most areas of the UK, there are direct flights from Edinburgh and London which are serviced by the low-cost carrier Ryanair. Visitors will adore the city's historic centre, with its famous statue of Roland, a knight and icon of the Hanseatic League who is represented in several cities, though this example is considered one of the best. The beautiful merchants' houses are a delight, and the Rathaus or town hall is included in the UNESCO world heritage list as one of the finest in Europe. The city stretches across both sides of the River Weser and is only about 2km wide but 10km in length. You can find a flight from London easily that will have you in the city within just a few hours, enabling you to discover magnificent sights and attractions, like St. Peter's cathedral which is 1200 years old.

Flight destination: Bremen

On your arrival at Bremen airport it's simple to reach the city. Many people like to rent a car after they arrive at the terminal, and there are several options available. From the airport to the city is a drive of just 11 minutes, and the road is well marked. You can take the tram line directly from the airport to the centre of the city. Just take tram line 6 and you will be in the centre of town in about 10 minutes. Many airlines offer shuttle bus services and it's easy to check if your flight has this service included. There are also good taxi services available, and for just a few Euros they will drive you to any part of the city you like. The city is a wonderful way to experience Germany for the first time, and is also a perfect choice for those who wish to explore the North Sea coastal region and its defining flat plains.

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