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Flights to Cancun from £409

Cancun is a world famous holiday destination located on the south eastern coast of Mexico. It is situated in the Riviera Maya and its shoreline is complemented by the waves of the Caribbean Sea. Many international airlines such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic fly to this wonderful city on a regular basis and flights to Cancun are available from cities including Paris and Moscow. If you are travelling from London, direct Cancun flights are available and you can find them by using our online comparison tool. This will help you to compare prices and then select a cheap flight to Cancun that suits your preferences the most. There are also flights from other UK airports including departures from Edinburgh or Birmingham, despite these being indirect it is still possible to find a good deal on flight prices. A flight to Cancun will place you in the centre of a tropical climate where you will be able to enjoy temperatures of at least 20 degrees throughout the year. This tropical resort is at its driest between the months of February and May, with only a few scattered showers delivering precipitation. However there is plenty do do here at any time of year including a vibrant nightlife and numerous activities.

Flight destination: Cancun

The transportation system in this Mexican city is excellent. There are a number of bus services and three bus lines that cater exclusively for residents of the hotel zone. Holidaymakers can travel to the downtown area for less than £1 per trip. These buses are modern and air conditioned and have wifi access built in to them. Some of the bus services operate 24 hours a day. There is plenty to explore in and around this city including numerous historical landmarks, a variety of marine experiences and vibrant nightlife. Take a short bus ride from downtown to Chichen Itza, the ancient Mayan city. Or you could pay a visit to the underwater museum and view the many sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor. Other places of interest include Ik Kil, a natural water source of immense beauty, and Systema Dos Ojos, a beautiful system of flooded caves.

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