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Flights to Cordoba from £638

Cordoba, the second largest city in Argentina, is a beautiful location, with many hills, valleys and historic sites to see. The temperature is fairly mild all year round and the landscape offers the perfect terrain for extreme sports. Cordoba is located in the centre of Argentina and used to be the capital of the country before Buenos Aires. Direct flights to Cordoba from London are difficult to come by and generally the majority of flights will make one or two stopovers in major cities like Buenos Aires, Madrid, Miami, Dallas, Paris and Sao Paulo. Although the journey time of an indirect flight will be longer, it is often easier to find a cheap flight that includes a stopover as flights from Edinburgh or Manchester to Madrid, for example, can easily be found with low-cost carriers. Our online flight comparison tool that compares hundreds of airlines across the market can help you with your search. Once in Cordoba, Iglesia Cathdral, a Baroque styled church, is a must see and a main attraction in this location, drawing many tourists. The outside structure of this site is magnificent and the interior is sumptuous, elegant and highly impressive. The Museo Historico Provincial Marques de Sobremonte is a museum built in an 18th century colonial styled house, once owned and lived in by Rafael Nunez, the colonial governor.

Flight destination: Cordoba

There is a choice of transportation services operating from the airport to the city centre of Cordoba and main railway stations. Public buses can be caught outside of the airport, at the Corporate Building Edcadassa AA2000. Car rental companies, like Hertz and Avis, operate from the airport. You'll find these by the Arrivals area. Taxis are also available to catch by the A and B terminals. The airport has a selection of newsagent shops, cafes and restaurants for you to enjoy before your flight. Duty free shops are located by terminals A and B on the first floor level.

Cordoba offers a lot for tourists and Manzana Jesuitica is an historical site that is definitely worth a visit. The churches here are beautiful and you can walk around the grounds and learn all about the history of this place through guided tours. The Zoo de Cordoba is the ideal place for families and children to come to for a day trip. The Zoo has a little train for small children to ride on, allowing them to go around the small zoo to see all of the animals. There is also a farm here, where children can feed the animals. There are so many wonderful restaurants providing exquisite Spanish style cuisine that you'll most definitely enjoy. Casa Galan Restoran is an upscale establishment, specialising in contemporary, Argentinean and international cuisine. This restaurant is highly recommended for its great food, lovely ambiance and superb service.

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