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Flights to Dhaka: Indonesia's exciting capital from £432

Dhaka is more than just the capital and largest city of Bangladesh. It is a fascinating cultural hub with a colossal historical background. The old part of the city, known as Old Dhaka or Old Town, is home to a plethora of architectural heritage ranging from the vestiges of the Mughal Empire right through to British Colonial buildings. Nevertheless, Dhaka is rapidly developing into a modern city and also hosts more contemporary significant national monuments and structures, impressive international five star hotels and some of the largest shopping malls in the world. The primary airport in Dhaka serving both the city and the country is Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. There are regular flights to Dhaka available from most continents, however, there are no direct flights to Dhaka available yet and flights from Edinburgh and other UK airports have a stopover in Doha. The same airport offers plenty of onward flights to Chittagong as well as further-flung destinations like Hong Kong and Hanoi so continuing your voyage around Bangladesh and beyond will be easy.

Flight destination: Dhaka

Bus and train are two of the most common ways to get around this city, however it is more advisable to use trains where possible. The air quality in the capital has been drastically improved by slowly reducing the use of three wheeler vehicles and Rickshaws are becoming increasingly common. Dhaka offers hundreds of attractions for tourists and the choice of sights to explore is endless. The Mosques of Star, Kakrali and the Sixty Dome Mosque are all impressive buildings and there are many places in this city where you can relax with a picnic including Ramna Park and Dhanmondi Lake. Other attractions here include the Bangladesh National Museum and Lalbagh Fort.

Latest searches for cheap Dhaka flights

  • London - Dhaka

    Kuwait Airways
    07/07/2018 1 stop(s) Duration 28h40
    Kuwait Airways
    21/07/2018 1 stop(s) Duration 16h00
    from £510.41
  • Glasgow - Dhaka

    No offers found Glasgow - Dhaka
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  • Birmingham - Dhaka

    Etihad Airways
    15/07/2018 2 stop(s) Duration 21h50
    Etihad Airways
    22/07/2018 2 stop(s) Duration 18h00
    from £577.81
  • Bristol - Dhaka

    No offers found Bristol - Dhaka
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  • Manchester - Dhaka

    Etihad Airways
    09/07/2018 1 stop(s) Duration 30h10
    Etihad Airways
    23/07/2018 1 stop(s) Duration 14h25
    from £566.28
  • Edinburgh - Dhaka

    No offers found Edinburgh - Dhaka
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  • Leeds - Dhaka

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  • Liverpool - Dhaka

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  • Cardiff - Dhaka

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  • Belfast - Dhaka

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  • Newcastle - Dhaka

    16/07/2017 1 stop(s) Duration 28h35
    23/07/2017 1 stop(s) Duration 15h50
    from £684.63
  • Aberdeen - Dhaka

    No offers found Aberdeen - Dhaka
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  • Bournemouth - Dhaka

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  • Southampton - Dhaka

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  • Dublin - Dhaka

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Cheap flights to Dhaka 

Compare cheap rates on airline tickets taken from the past 12 months using our online flight comparator in order to determine the most economical time to book your flights to Dhaka. By referring to the price history charts below it is easy to see that there is a decrease in flight prices between December and March in comparison to the rest of the year with February offering the cheapest deals on airfare from London to Dhaka.

When booking your cheap flights to Dhaka it is definitely worth taking into consideration its tropical wet and dry climate. Between the months of May and September this city experiences a distinct monsoonal season with tropical thunderstorms and highs of up to 35C in April. It is therefore recommended that travellers avoid this period and instead benefit from the low-season flight ticket prices that can be purchased in February or March. Not only will you save money on these deals but those who opt to fly for less in March may even witness Dhaka's famous Independence Day celebrations on March 26th where booming guns can be heard in the mornings and public buildings are brought to life by light shows. Alternatively, why not profit from the low airfare prices in January and spend the New Year exploring the Ahsan Manzil also known as the ?Pink Palace? or hire a little wooden boat and take to the waters in the Sadarghat boat terminal.

Finally don't forget that the departure date is not the only determining factor when seeking out cheap flights to Dhaka from the UK. Bangladesh flight rates can also vary by as much as twice the price depending on which airline company you choose to travel with. Jet Airways and Etihad Airways are two of the main travel companies which offer reasonable rates on flights to Dhaka and there are many more similar companies offering budget flights provided you don't mind one or two stopovers or fixed dates.

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