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Buy your flight well in advance to save money

Book in advance

Generally called Early Booking, for advance bookings. The principle is simple: the further in advance you book your ticket, the less expensive it will be. This allows airline companies to capitalise on their flights and have visibility of the fill-rates of the flights.

If the flight isn't full enough, the company will shift to a focus on last-minute offers, also called promotions. This is only if the plane isn't full, however.

If a flight is offered and filled regularly over time, Early Booking is an attractive option. This is the case for the most popular airlines (thus sure to be full). A London-New York flight will always be less expensive if it is reserved two months in advance rather than two weeks.

Moreover, flight rates being very competitive, many airline companies changes their rates daily. It is necessary, then, to monitor the offers, compare them and react quickly.

Today, some Internet sites permit the consumer to visualise a graph of flight prices over a span of a year: a valuable tool for making the right choice at the right moment.

Compare the best prices of different airline companies

  • London New York

    13/11/2019 06:20 - 09:20 LGW - JFK
    19/11/2019 22:30 - 10:10 JFK - LGW
  • London Barcelona

    Norwegian Air International
    13/12/2019 10:55 - 13:55 LGW - BCN
    Norwegian Air International
    16/12/2019 09:00 - 10:15 BCN - LGW

The best prices in real time