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Flights to El Salvador

A small country within Central America, bordering the Pacific Ocean to the south, El Salvador is steeped in Mestizo culture and is therefore a must-see for travellers. The recent and rapid industrialisation has led to the country being ranked amongst the top 10 Latin American countries in Human Development. Cheap El Salvador flights are offered by many major airlines. Located over 5400 miles from London, El Salvador has cheap flights available across several airlines. Although there are no direct flights between El Salvador and the UK or other European countries, there are many airports throughout the United States, such as Texas and Miami, which offer cheap El Salvador flights. Make use of the online price comparison tool in order to evaluate the best cheap flight deals to this fascinating Latin American destination.The area surrounding the airport has a number of local restaurants, including the beachfront Faisca do Brasil, as well as plenty of nightlife offering visitors an authentic central american night-time experience. The coastal areas are idyllic tropical displays, with long beaches and clear waters. There is also plenty of historical heritage remaining, such as the Mayan ruins of Tazumal.

Flight destination: El Salvador

The RN-5 highway connects the airport to several major cities and towns throughbout the surrounding area, such as the capital city San Salvador, San Marcos, and El Carmen. From the airport, it is only a short bus ride on the RN-5 to the capital. The country has an extensive bus network which connects many towns and cities, and a modest rail network with links to neighbouring countries Guatemala and Honduras.Tourists can choose from a range of historical and cultural attractions, both modern and old. There are many restaurants in El Salvador which offer a taste of the local cuisine, such as Rustico Bistro, or the open aired Las Brumas Grill, which offer a range of Latin American tastes such as the Pupusas, a traditional corn tortilla. For a spot of sightseeing, the picturesque Lake Coatepeque, which is home to the remains of a volcanic eruption 60,000 years ago, features clear blue waters and is surrounded by gently inclining grassy hills and hot springs.Those interested in history will appreciate a visit to the Joya de Ceren Archaeological Site, which has a display of a Mayan settlement excavation which dates back to 600 A.D. For a more cultural experience, the Museo de Arte paints a picture of modern Latin American culture and inspirations from 20th century artists from this region, as well as exhibitions from the likes of Dali and Dante.

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